Research - Military Experiences of the Natural World.

Hi Folks,

I'm working on a research project which involves exploring how the military experience the natural world, such as Dartmoor and areas of high wilderness. This project is for my Masters degree at the University of Exeter.

I am interested in the ‘best’ or ‘most special’ experiences had while in wilderness, the emotions felt, the factors that shaped the experience, and how such experiences are transferred into your everyday lives such as environmental attitudes and behaviours along with tourism preferences.

Your views on this subject are important as this research is exploratory and nothing exists so far on how the military percieve and experience the environment from an environmental perspective.

Below are some key questions that I am investigating:

Please think of an emotional experience you’ve had on Dartmoor or in a natural environment. There is no right or wrong to think about this experience. Just drift back mentally over the times spent on Dartmoor or in a natural environment and think of the most special or very best experience you had.


1. Can you please describe the environment where the experience occurred?

2. What aspects (scenery / wildlife / activity / people / others) were important?

3. Are you able to recall what emotions - for example awe / amazement / pleasure / happiness / sadness / disappointment / joy / feeling at one with nature - you experienced? Do you think the experience change your mood at the time? Did it have any physical impact on you (e.g. heart beating faster, moments where you feel tingling sensations, hairs stand up, smells, sounds etc)? Did the experience involve something unexpected?

4. Did the experience change the way you felt or thought about yourself or about the natural environment or world in general? Did your experience prompt you to learn anything about the environment? Did your experience motivate you to adopt any pro-environmental behaviors – for example recycle more, take fewer flights, eat locally produced food etc?

5. How has your experience of natural environments shaped what you do in your free time such as leisure activities? Has your experiences of natural environments encouraged you to participate more in specific leisure, outdoor and adventure activities? If so what kinds?

6. Do you think your experience of natural environments influences your kind of tourism? When on holiday do you prefer natural or urban environments? Do you prefer familiarity when abroad or like to try things different? What shapes your destination choice? What is important to you when on holiday – specific activities, friends and family, development of your self? Should you have the choice to travel anywhere in the world where would you wish to go and why?


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Thankyou. Your views will form a formal report on the subject title.
1. South Georgia
2. Scenery - bleak, wildlife - seals, penguines.activity- sleeping, people - ships's co and scientists, others - piano in the museum
3. Awe - truly amazing to behold, amazement - farking amazed we got there, pleasure - quick one off in the after heads, happiness - after I'd finished, sadness - when I realised that I'd just imagined the whole thing, disappointment - not real, joy - finally emptied my satchel, feeling at one with nature - looked up at the stars and thought this is truly the most uninhabited place on the planet.
4. No no and no.
5. No and no.
6. No, naturalist, different things, ships programme, self indulgence, the moon because it's made of cheese.
Hope this gets you a distinction.
Pussers Grit

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