Rescue Swimmer versus Swimmer of the Watch?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Mongcon, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. I'm a journalist and looking for perspective from guys in the ranks. Are "Rescue Swimmer" and "Swimmer of the Watch" one and the same? If not, how are they different.. level of training, etc.?

  2. No :)
  3. UUMMM Daps can you expand on that comment?
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  4. Damn! :mad:
    Another thread where I thought it was going to be a "Who would win in a fight between..." :D
    Oh well, back to Faecesbook... :(
  5. No
  6. Not very talkative today, did you get out of the wrong side of the bed, or even the wrong bed?
  7. No
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  8. With the best will in the world, "the guys in the ranks" could be opening themselves up to potential problems if they engaged with a journalist without clearance from the RN.

    The RN does have a system for dealing with media inquiries.

    If you are working for a national or international news organisation, try the MOD press office; if regional or freelance, try the naval base press officers.
  9. Never had you down as a face-ache user , next you will be telling us how many twats you engaged with on twatter. :D
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  10. Chef language, its the only word in their training:

    CF: Please, Chef may I have some more?
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  11. Or - Chef, did you pass the course?

    Ok, incoming........
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  12. Nah, not twatter.
    Even I have some standards ;)
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  13. Oh dear.
  14. If I apologise, can I have cheesy hammy eggy, Chef..........

  15. Well, I am certainly not trying to steal state secrets. It's generally a LOT quicker to just talk to the real people that know, rather than mount the slow treadmill of the press office. But.. point taken. Will do. ;-)

  16. I REALLY like that! :) Not seen it before. Stolen.
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  17. "Hey, twat! One sausage!"
    "But, Chiefy, I'm a diver!"
    "Okay. One sausage and a look in the galley mirror.!" :cool:
  18. Fill yer bats SB. :cool:

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