Rescue flights for British citizens in Bahrain.

The UK government has offered stranded Britains the opportunity to fly from Bahrain to safety in Dubai for the bargain price of £310 for the one way price. Great news but one thing to consider Emirates already offer flights twice daily on that route and too book the flight last minute it costs just £139. If any one from the foreign and commonwealth office take the time to read this please don't set up an airline because pricing doesn't seem to be your strong suit.

As for wanting to rescue expats in the first place leave them there. Even rats have the sense abandon a sinking ship. The companies that you are there working for in my opinion have a duty of care for you. Unless you are there representing the British government out there in which case you should get the flight for free.


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I think it was good of the FO to offer the service although maybe they could have gauged interest first and done a quick check on that vis commercial availability. That said whilst the middle east is very well served with flights from Emirates, Qatar, Gulf Air, Etihad, Royal Jordan, etc. not to mention the european carriers if it went pete tong would they operate? In which case a charter might not either so it would be down to the crabs like in Libya. Apparently there is another flight today or tomorrow, I wonder if it's cheaper?
All this is assuming that the expats want to leave.
There is also the view that they have made their lives in that place and wouldn't want to return to these hallowed shores.
I always find it amazing that whenever another country goes tits up it is essential to bring Brits home. Why I have no idea.
There is always the remote possibility, getting more possible by the day, that the UK could also go tits up - and seriously so.
Am feeling increasingly pissed off here, any chance of organising a flight from Culdrose to Spain, Not an ex pat of Spain but have had a couple of good runs ashore there, so on this countries reasoning could be given asylum from the current lunatics who are running the show in the UK


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Most flights out here are costing the expats in excess of 600 single to heathrow. Even more on certain flights
But the FO's £310 only gets you to DXB. If you can get from DXB to LHR one way for £290 your doing very well.
Anyway Digger, what's the feeling amongst the ex-pats, is there an exodus or are the majority of the long termers sitting it out at the mo?
As usual you have two sets of people. At the first sign of unrest and advice from the FCO, a lot just jumped in the car and fled to the airport creating fear amongst the rest of the ex-pats.
The other lot reminded me of a time when people were proud to be British and have scoffed in the face of adversisty and just cracked on with life out here. It has created a small divide in the comunity out here.

Since the security forces have moved all the protestors on from the rounderbout, the country is strangly quiet. Its as if the Shiites are just waiting it out to strike back. Plus you now have the Intel Services going around the towns and villages snatching people who were involved in the protests. I don't think they will be getting much sleep whilst in prison!

If it does all go Pete tong then the only way I will be leaving is on a Pusser's grey or a C-130 there are no charter planes for me.


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I remember my sister in law living there during GW1. Some left, most just took their grat issue S10 and carried on, though that was a slightly different situation. I suppose it all depends on peoples individual perceptions of risk and levels of personal investment in a place. Hope it works out and you don't need the crabs!
No, the crabs can't help. They are (were) in our apartment block. They heard gunfire and demanded to be moved to another part of the city. They still don't do the commute to work, they are holed up in their block till its safe to come out. We however still drive to work live in the same block and keep the MCM's running.

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