Rescue 194

Just finished reading Jays book. In the aftermath Rum Ration contributors get a mention:-D Quote... I particularly enjoyed the one who thought the" Pilot and mad aircrewman diver earned their pay today " as well as the one who had seen the TV coverage " Excellent, work, Navy ! Interview of the diver typical hero very modest , and it was his day off!!!!:angel7:
and it was his day off!!!!:angel7:
Ain't that the normal thing!!!

I always remember my memorable 'events' where preceded by the words "have you been drinking." That was usually followed by, "can come in, we have a bit of an incident going on"!!

I always remember Pond Life (Wally Walace) and Shiner Wright, (both SAR Divers), holding hands and jumping 60+ feet off the back of a sinking tanker. They both thought they wouldn't survive. As an aside, they did get all the crew off the ship before it went down. Bit gay, but when you think your numbers up, who gives a f*ck!

And to think the Navy got rid of the SAR Diver.

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