Rescheduling my Joining Date

Less than two months ago I received a call from my careers adviser telling me I had a joining date for the Royal Navy as someone had dropped out. My joining date is the 21st of October, and my PRNC is on the 23rd of this month, two weeks away, and I have received the train tickets and signed the receipt. In the last couple of weeks here have been problems in my family regarding three of my siblings and custody arrangements between my father and there respective guardians on there mothers side. As it stands we're looking at ways to have them stay with us on a semi-permanent basis. This could mean a great number of changes in my household which could result in us moving home altogether, a task which sadly, places a great deal of financial strain on me. The situation with my family has already done just that, putting me in almost a grand of debt with more coming. As it stands if I where to go away in October I'd be in a degree of financial difficulty and I'd be leaving my grandparents to do everything on there own. I'm entirely confident the situation will be completely resolved by the very beginning of next year, including all of my debts having been repaid. My point is if I left in October I wouldn't be doing myself, or the Royal Navy any favors with the stress and financial risk I'd be taking leaving my job in such uncertainty.

While I realize I'm only two weeks away from my PRNC and a few months away from my joining date, I am heavily contemplating asking my careers adviser to place me on the next available training course, thus moving my joining date and my PRNC date forward (I believe the PRNC must be completed within so many months of your joining date). However, I am concerned of what repercussions this course of action may have, whether I could completely have my application scrapped, whether I'll be told to pay for the train tickets or if they're refundable, or whether I'll be put on the back burner completely. Does anyone have any advice on the matter?

Thank you in advance, Mike.
Thought I'd post a reply on the situation as I've just this second got off the phone with my Careers Adviser at East Brunswick Docks. After chatting with my CA about the situation in my family and my financial circumstance, he's assured me that in no way is the debt going to be a factor in my entry on any level, even with the amounts I've given him. Simply that I have a plan in place to ensure the debts can be repaid passively while I'm working now and working within the service is enough for it to be overlooked. He said that if I was being chased by multiple credit companies and I simply wasn't interested in solving the issue and I was accumulating more debt than I could pay off, then there would be a problem. I've decided not to ask for a change of placement date at all, I'm confident I can ease any tension my family has as far as my responsibilities are concerned and I can manage my debts. So my PRNC of the 23rd July and my Initial Training date of the 21st October are still standing. Thank you all for your replies, they're very much appreciated, and eased my stress.

Best regards, Mike.

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