Requiring help regarding which Engineering role to apply for.

Hey lads and lassicles, so I recently sat my RN Recruitment Test due to a Recruiting officer visiting my homeland isle of Mull, yes I'm a wildling.
However, I did very well on the test and all the engineering roles are open to me. At first I wanted to become a WE, but due to the long waiting times I'm leaning more towards AET. Which one do you experienced folk reckon I should peruse? Considering the fact that I'd love as many worth while qualifications from the Navy as possible!
Thanks :)
To be honest all pussers engineering skills transfer quite easily to civvy street, AET is probably one of the most sort after and the one with the least sea time, however the jobs and training are all down the south of England. An ex cadet of mine is currently phase 3 at Culdrose IIRC and is hoping to get fixed wing out in the states, nice!
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