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You soothed my nerves
And warmed my limbs
And cheered my dismal heart
Procured my wants, obliged my whims
And now it's time to part.

And so the time has come old friend
To take the final sup
Our tears are shed. This is the end
So goodbye and bottoms up
Lament I have no memory of
Your medicinal effects,
Suffice to say I sober stayed
Except on beer's draught.
Yet Aggie held no influence
For no teetotaller was I
I've got a fcuking bad memory
So for you my love, it's awry!

I long to recall you lusty lull
And regain your spicy spirit
To languish, half-piss'd in me pit
and dream of scanty Wrens
To smell the salt and hear the pipe
and see the Rum Tub brought
And all the sailors eagerly amass
For Tot, Oh Tot, Farewell.


I did 5 years in the mob with no tot then at age 20 got it then 2 months later it was stopped ??? green rub or what ???

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