Requesting Commissioning Scroll

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by lgu98141, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know who I speak to to request my Commissioning Scroll. I have been in 5 years and most of my intake have received theirs. I have tried my UPO but they had no idea. Anybody got a clue?

    Appreciate any help
  2. I may be a bit thick, but what the fook is a commissioning scroll?
  3. Glad I'm not alone then.

  4. Never heard of one sorry fella. Is it something you get when you passout as an officer?
  5. Speak to your disappointer, s/he should be able to find out where it is in the system.

    For what it's worth my parchment took 8 years and that didn't sound like it was unusual.
  6. Mine took about 2 years- have you tried calling the First Lieutenant at BRNC?
  7. Karma's right; the appointer can arrange for it if you haven't received automatically but I doubt it will be Number 1 on their priority list. It took me over 16 years to eventually get mine (and its still in its cardboard tube at the back of the cupbo)ard.
  8. Downstairs toilet :)

    Much to the parents chagrin
  9. Cheers for the replies. Might try First Lt at BRNC as I don't really want to bother my appointer lest he send me to a sandy place!!!
  10. It's triggered by the appointer's staff informing somebody, somewhere, on your completion of your professional course. So I'm afraid you'll have to deal with him at some point, or just stand-by!

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