Requested Private tests for Pectus Excavatum

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Cab, Apr 28, 2016.

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  1. Cab

    Cab Midshipman

    Advise Please.
    My son had his medical recently and the Dr passed everything else but wanted to 'check' about his chest as he has Pectus Excavatum and couldn't remember 'of the top of his head' wether it was a pass with PE.
    We weren't overly concerned as on this forum and the RM one there have been plenty of queries regarding PE with good outcomes.
    While my son was still in the surgery the Dr emailed for advise and that has since come back that they want 3 tests done ECG, Echo cardiogram and chest xray just to check for any problems and we should organise this through our GP.
    GP has contacted us today to say this is unavailable on the NHS as he is symptom free, no problems with exercise tolerance and has never needed to see a Dr about it before. So unecessary! So we are looking at 3 tests to be paid for privately.
    Has anyone had any experience with this my son is a student and with a quote of approx 800 pounds PLUS a cardiac consultation appt with a private cardiologist this is pricey stuff!
    He is symptom free, no restrictions and as far as we are aware its cosmetic only. Can we have any help with costs? Our GP thought we could recover some of the costs from Capita? And have the rules changed recently regarding PE?
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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sorry to hear of the circumstances. My guess is it depends on the degree of the visual appearance of the condition on an individual basis. I have a gloomy feeling that the costs of the tests must be borne by the individual wishing to join - hopefully I'm incorrect.

    Hopefully @nemesis1066 can advise more in this area, in the meantime it maybe worth the enquiry to the RN Medical Manager via your AFCO to clarify where you stand with the financial aspect.

    Fingers-crossed, all goes as you would hope.
  3. Cab

    Cab Midshipman

    Thankyou for your reply. I will contact the AFCO as suggested. I too have that gloomy feeling unfortunately.
  4. Cab

    Cab Midshipman

    I have spoken to a local private cardiologist this afternoon and because my son is having these tests done to 'hopefully' serve his country he isn't taking a personal fee and we only have to pay hospital costs. What a lovely man. Fingers crossed all is well with the results and we can carry on with his application. Just a couple of hundred pounds lighter rather than a thousand plus.

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