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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Always_a_Civvy, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. I should like to place on record a request for ALL the posts here on homosexuality to be LOCKED unless a PM to the appropriate Moderator is made to unlock a thread by two or more members.

  2. Why?
    All issues should be open for discussion and that includes homosexuality.
    Before I joined the RR forums I will admit that my attitude to homosexuals was rather hostile (even though I have mates who bat for the other side). From the discussions and banter on the forums my attitude has moderated considerably. Though I do not like the current gay brigades in your face attitude I understand that gays have the same rights to free speech as any other group (stand fast paedophiles).
    Though Steve (AAC) is sometimes a little OTT (as I am) his opinion is always lucid and respected by many members.
    So let us not be too hasty in locking posts, after all if members do not wish to take part in these themes they don't have to.
  3. Yes.. why?
  4. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    Why do you want this? You're the one who has bleated on the most about homosexuality on this website.

    So why request this?

    Attention seeking? Again?
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I think this has been requested because a certain poster from arrse seems to be dragging up alot of past topics...Shite stirring in my opinion.
  6. Thread currently viewed 63 times - only 1 vote (by the author).

    Wonder Why!

    Perhaps AaC if you made the vote a little more fair and equal (ie unbiased) you may get more votes.
  7. IMO threads like those don't really need locking. If they are ignored by the community then they will drop "off the map" so to speak. If not, then someone has something to say :) either post or ignore it, I say!
  8. I don't like the idea of locking threads. I consider it in direct opposition to free speech, which this right is being curbed more and more in the political world. By banning a topic and forbidding comments upon certain subjects, words that want to be said are said silently, whispered into the wind. But the wind is not always a very good listener.

    Also, free speech is the crux of such internet forum's survival. If one cannot post one's opinions and debate logically without the thread being locked and the subject closed, then eventually the forum members will post and discuss elsewhere, and RumRation will essentially pitter out.

    I do realise, however, that because AAC is of the other sexual persuasion, that he may be offended slightly by this specific topic being constantly brought up again and again because he feels ever so moved to post a reply, for which he is worried about annoying the other posters with his personal beliefs. However, I urge you to reply anyway, because its a subject that many have issues and qualms with on both sides of the dispute, and as long as the arguments are structured and thought-out as opposed to insulting and derogatory, there is no need to abandon and taboo the subject of homosexuality. In fact, I personally believe that such debate is healthy and promotes an understanding between the two teams, as it were.
  9. Agree with you entirely.
  10. I believe that AAC (Steve) is more than comfortable with his sexuality and because of this has helped numerous members of RR who were apprehensive about their sexuality. He gives as good as he gets (metaphorically speaking) and always has a good reply.
    I believe Steve started this topic to tet RR members opinions, however his pole is more than a little out of balance.
  11. Thats the whole point, isn't it? If you have an opinion you can share it, if you don't you don't, simple. Disagreement is bound to happen and leads to interesting discussions.
  12. The policy on Rum Ration and ARRSE has been to allow as much as possible, even when we (BCO and I) really intensely dislike what's being said. There are parts of ARRSE that I simply avoid as a result. Simply banning a topic doesn't achieve anything although I'm sure there is more to Always_a_Civvys post than it seems. I'm waiting for an email about this one.
  13. Thanks guys for your responses so far. I posited the idea following a suggestion in the 'Gay Sailor' thread by F169 to this effect. As you know I believe in free speech and robust but polite debate (I'm pleased that Herts Peter & I share opinions on this matter) but my concerns are essentially that I will be blamed for raising these topics when in fact other people are muck raking for no good reason other than, perhaps, to inflame opinion.

    Slim, I'd be more comfy with my sexuality if I understood precisely why I feel this way (and why the aversion "therapy" didn't work*), after all life would be much easier, more secure and a lot less stressful were I straight. Thanks for your comments though - much appreciated!


    *Maybe I didn't realize it, but liked being electrocuted! :wink: :lol:
  14. Steve suggest you read The Tom Sharpe book about the south african police force, sorry can't remember the title. Hilarious turned a whole police force gay by the use of electric shocks :smile:
  15. My suggestion was specifically regarding 'old' threads EG ones not used say for over 3 months. If someone wants one reopened they explain why to the MOD on a PM.

    Some people just trawl through old threads to reopen them to cause trouble. It is not always threads relating to homosexuality but they do seem to be the prevalent ones being regurgitated. When this happens it doesn't improve the quality of RR. I am not suggesting anything as radical as AAC has above.
  16. Agree in principal, however it could be that the poster is new to RR and has only just found the thread. Perhaps a better sugestion would be to automatcally remove threads over 6 months old. However this would then stop members reading the archives. Another sugestion would be threads archived as read only after six months.
  17. On the other hand people do open old theads for very good reasons, for example to remind people of a previous discussion. I tend just to ignore the ones that are in my view being silly or sometimes provocative for the sake of it especially if they are new faces. Most of them go away if they are ignored, this thread locking saga however would seem to have satified their desire to sti things up.

    Just my take on things.
  18. That would remove many of the old G-Spot threads and worse still, the ? ?? story, which needs reviving around November 2007... about Blair & Brown being haunted at the Cenotaph... and the heros' revenge in the shape of Admiral Slim Nemesis and his left foot carrier, the Very-Able-Stoker Higgy, Leading Seaman Maxi and the Hon.Peter of Herts (ADC to HM Queen).....
  19. Locking posts/threads :shock:

    On arrse some of them go back to 2003 - is this another insidious plot to gag the poor jack (ex or current) and his/her freedom of speech .... :???:
  20. Get on with it you beefer!!

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