Request for Votes from HMS Lost Oppos Site


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Another RN site HMS Lost Oppos is trying to get votes for a mini bus for MS sufferers

Below is the request:

ALL !! Please note this excellent cause and VOTE !!! It is from one of my Britannia Oppo's and the more people we can get to vote the better!! It's neck and neck by the looks of it!!

I am trying to help the East Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre win a new mini bus in a public online vote. They are based in Canterbury on land next to the rugby club and only this week moved in to a brand new building and need the mini bus to transport patients to the centre.
Please can I ask you all to visit
and vote for the MS Centre, can you also ask family, friends and work colleagues to do the same as well, but please hurry as voting closes on Friday 9th Jan.
Many thanks to everybody for your help.

Jeff StoddardJeff the Chef

Thanks everyone !!!

many thanks ALL votes much appreciated


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To get that 4% they need at least another 2000 votes.
I voted with Firefox and it would not let me vote again.
However using Google Chrome as my browser I have managed another 10 votes


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May I request that people also put this information on their Facebook pages. At the moment a local football team is in the lead for some reason
Ta very muchly

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