Request for some CA thread housekeeping

As the OP of the CA thread entitled RN on active service in Afghanistan, I request a Mod or other Administrator respects its original objective and restores its integrity by removing all posts back to and including the now-discredited/binned prop_shaft's first crayoning on page 3 (Tue May 04, 2010 6:44 am). This proposal has received the support of other regular posters.

If the need is felt to retain the culled posts for posterity, perhaps they could be deposited under a suitable thread title in the Gash Barge.

Any feedback on my request to make the thread a sticky (Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:01 am) would be appreciated




War Hero
I also I agree, I was a fond reader of the thread until the idiot crayoned all over it. Return it to its original state :)

Please ;)
Joe_Crow said:
My reply.

The proposal has received (so far) the explicit support of one other user, and possibly the implicit support of one more.
(Apologies for repeating myself but I'm having to refute Joe_Crow's objections wherever they appear.)

I don't believe that asking for the inflammatory posts of a banned O2 thief to be transferred elsewhere on RR, together with the associated responses, constitutes 'draconian censorship' or the 'rewriting of history', particularly when the 'historian' in question has been so roundly discredited. I appreciate your sentiments about 'censorship' but some things are simply inappropriate, particularly in CA. Would you support the trashing of an 'In Memoriam' thread too?

I have already started a 'new' thread; the one on which I've already expended considerable time and effort while researching and populating it. Despite what you say, I don't see why I should have to start another and go through the nause of locating, editing, copying and pasting all of the informative media articles I've posted in the series to date, every time some idiot crayons on it. I explained my ethos in my initial post. With the exception of the now-banned prop_shaft, everyone seems to have respected it apart from you. If you really want to see a trashed thread preserved in CA, you can always follow your own advice and start one yourself.

I've never referred to it as 'my thread' but after the work I've put into it, I'm sure you'll understand why I feel a certain attachment. However, if the overall consensus is that the thread and its underlying criteria aren't worth a toss, then I'll save myself the trouble of keeping it up to date.

I would welcome other people's views.
Trigger_92 said:
I also agree, I was a fond reader of the thread until the idiot crayoned all over it. Return it to its original state :)

Please ;)
Guns said:
Support you on that N-G. It is important that this thread returns to its role of informing people of the contribution the RN is making, but without willie waving over numbers.
Spidiver said:'s the first time in eleventy lots of years that an officer has come up with a good suggestion and another one has agreed with it...
My bold. Thanks for your support, guys. Any other views?
Rumrat said:
You got me on this one Joe, for once I have to don a serious head.

Whilst open and sometimes heated debate is healthy and keeps the "essence " of Naval life alive, there are a few instances where debate turns to debacle.
This thread was one instance.
A thoroughly enjoyable and informative thread helping us less informed keep up to speed on the deeds and employment of our Naval Forces in Afghan.
Along comes a clown who turns it into a three ring circus.
This thread should be returned to its origin, as that of an informative and enjoyable read based on fact, not cock waving.
With you 100% on this one. :)
That said,
When can I expect the expect that money you promised. :roll:
21_Man said:
Concur above post

Forget the money
Thanks guys, much appreciated. I didn't expect any disagreement but the sooner that thread is 'decontaminated', the better I'll feel.

Off to a certain hostelry in Fareham now for a monthly drink with some 'old ships', and the odd new one. I'll buy two pints at a time: a notional one for each of you (even Joe), and one for me. I know you'd do the same. :)
Just got back from the pub. It looks as though none of us (including Joe) got what we wanted. For some reason, the whole thread's disappeared. Quite ironic when you think that I only started it to remedy the 'invisibility' of RN personnel serving in Afghanistan.

I can do without the hassle of once again having to research, edit, link and post the many, usually inconspicuous, news articles chronicling the activities of RN personnel in Afghanistan in order to restore the thread to its pre-trashed state a couple of days ago. It took me several hours of work over the course of many weeks in the first place so sorry, that's it. End of game. Chalk another one up to the crayoners.

On a final note, I would like to thank all those (Soleil, Tommo, MLP, Guns, etc.) who took the trouble to register their appreciation for the thread while it was running.


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NG: This matter is being resolved as we speak. Have a breather and wait out.

"Build it and they will come..." :thumbleft:


War Hero

When a thread "vanishes", it hasn't necessarily gone for ever; there is a way of drawing it behind a cybercurtain, where it stays for a few hours for a bit of a makeover, and then it comes back out again. Wait and see what happens.

Thanks SPB and Soleil. I'm relieved to hear it. I'm feeling a bit sleepy now for some reason so I'm going to turn in.
Good night. :drunken:

P.S. SPB - the actual quotation is, "If you build it, he will come."

Yours pedantically,

N_G :wink:


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I'm with Naval Gazer on this one.

Although i am one of the worst people here for crayoning, abusive and downright obscene posts, i do try to keep these to Lil's. Prop_Shaft completely ruined a good thread with his walting nonsense. Tool.


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Naval_Gazer said:
Cheers Blackrat. That's very gracious of you.
(Especially for a pongo :wink: )
Pleasure mon ami. I can, at times, play the game. I just think you were spot on.

And yes, i've read your signature. Makes me chuckle everytime. Bloody matelots. :D


Lantern Swinger
Sorry, NG - I thought a Mod was sorting out this thread. Prepare for its reactivation in CA shortly (removal of offending numpty posts is something I'm doing whilst having my morning brew) Morning :)


Lantern Swinger
Naval_Gazer said:
Cheers Evil Adj. You're a gentleman but I'm willing to keep the fact quiet. :)
Thanks, NG. Although I haven't grown appendages lately, I'll take that as a compliment :twisted:

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