Request for Security Clearance Financial Information

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by muskovardo, Nov 14, 2014.

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  1. I have recieved a letter from NSV for additional info on my financial situation. I have tried ringing them but have been on hold for well over half an hour.

    Cannot tell which questions are asking about just me and which are asking about both me and my partner together.

    Does anyone know what would result it as being a failed SC? I will be honest i am worried as i have a bad financial history from about 5 years ago which iv always been trying to catch up with.
  2. Snap
    Snap. I was self-employed for 4 years and dropped myself completely in it. Thankfully I am now employed and back on track but I fear the financial side of things will/could have an adverse effect. I have sent the DBS - NSV three emails updating them over my financial situation. They have all the information they need so I hope it will be ok!

    I just checked the online portal and made myself look like a right tool at work haha. I only saw the bit that says 'completed' and I got all excited...I looked again and it's still in progress! :(
  3. How long ago was it that you submitted the info? When you filled in the info was it all just you as an individual or you and your partner together?
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  4. I submitted my SC application on the 18th of last month. Yeah just as an individual as I'm single but as I say, I sent 3 additional emails updating the DBS-NSV over my financial situation and I got an email back from the DBS saying that my emails have been sent to the correct department. I'm sure we'll be fine mate. I've heard it's rare that you don't get clearance.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Does the letter ask you to call them by phone?

    Only reason for asking as they are hopeless at answering the phone - I've had a hands-free call waiting for over an hour before giving-up.

    Normally they send you a form to complete and send back to them by post. Failing that email them, but I've been waiting for a reply to an email for over 3 months, still without response.

    If you are not addressing unpaid debts there will be an issue.
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  6. It just says that if you have any problems filling in the form then call them. I'm just confused to which bits are refering to me and which are refering to both me and my partner. We are both financially independent so im not sure if i need to put her situation down.

    I am slowly dealing with my debts and i was part of a debt management programme but left that as i found out only around 40% of what i was paying was going towards the actual debts.
  7. I think that as long as you're shown and/or showing that you're addressing and reducing your debts but not increasing then you'll be fine. I've emphasised that in the three emails that I have sent them as when I sent off the SC application, my financial history didn't look wonderful due to what self-employment caused me.

    On the letter you've received though, I'm not sure mate. Sorry I can't be of any help.
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  8. Mine was being an idiot getting payday loans to pay bills rather than going to family for help.
  9. These things happen mate but just keep paying and reducing them :) Try sending the DBS-NSV an email?
  10. I have a full form that they want me to fill in so ill just fill it in and see how i get on fingers crossed will be all good!
  11. I'm sure you'll be fine pal. As I say as long as all of your debts are being paid no matter how slowly then you'll be okay :)
  12. Do you think it is worth me telling them that i am in the process of selling my car? All of the money going to paying debts off?
  13. I would absolutely tell them everything. If you don't show that you're honest then this could be an issue. They're after someone they can trust...the more detail regarding everything that they have requested, put down. If when you send the letter back and should you forget something that you wanted to put down then send an email with an update or addition to your requested financial information.
  14. Fingers crossed they take it into consideration. I should be able to pay off roughly 33 - 50% of the debt through selling the car. Plus giving me more disposable income to pay off the rest of the money quicker
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  15. Any one know if any form of gambling would have a negative effect on the security clearance?

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  16. Wouldn't know mate, think it's more to do with current financial situation, unless your in a mountain of debt because of the gambling I would have thought it is ok
  17. Nope none at all, just like to play rather a lot of online poker. Hope it wouldn't be frowned upon aha.

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  18. Don't think they would ever know
  19. Would records of deposits and withdrawals from the site not show up on my bank records? Or do they just check your credit score etc?

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  20. Just check credit score as far as I'm aware. If they require extra info that's when you submit incomings and outgoings. Took me ages to fill my form in. Fingers crossed they are happy with it!

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