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Hello First of all, apologies for gatecrashing your forum-I am not and never have been in the Navy so I rather feel I'm intruding here, but I assure you it's in a good cause. Basically, I'm looking for information to help with a community project. I am a Parish Councillor in Shotley, formerly the site of HMS Ganges, and for the past three years we, and a group of volunteers (the Shotley Stour Footpath Renovation Group, of which I am also a member) have been doing a fair bit of work on Shotley Cliff, initially to install sea defences in order to try to stop the ongoing erosion problem. This work, the first phase of which was concluded in 2011, resulted in the Parish Council being offered the opportunity to buy the cliff and around 50 acres of the foreshore from its former owner, a local businessman. This we did, reasoning that that it would enable us to more easily carry out future works in the area, and having bought the cliff and the woodland on top of it we decided to try to develop it into a Heritage Park; basically, a public open space with walks and information boards concerning the history of the area, to encourage tourism and boost our local businesses (and the Ganges Museum) as well as making it a pleasant place for the locals to walk in. The only problem is, we don't know most of the history of the area. Until Ganges closed down, most of what is now the village of Shotley Gate was in some way or another a part of the Navy's operations here, and back in the war yeears and just after (until the removal of the reserve fleet from Harwich) much of the area we've just purchased appears to have been restricted-even those older residents who've been in the village all their lives are unclear on what was actually there. We're desperately seeking any information that will help us develop this area, and in particular to identify certain concrete structures we've partially excavated on the cliff. One of them, we've been told, may have been some sort of gun emplacement (though this is still being hotly debated) and we believe another may have been part of a water treatment plant. But we don't know, and there appear to be no records of the area, at least none that we've been able to find. Does anyone on here know Shotley, or remember anything about what may have been built here before the Navy moved out? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. regards Tony Ingram Shotley Heritage Park structure 002.jpg Shotley Heritage Park structure 005.jpg
Thanks Wrecker. We've contacted the Association but so far with little in the way of results. When were you there until, then? That can't have been long before the place closed.
Where do you want me to send it ??????regards barny.
Best place, since I'm often on the move, would be to our parish clerk MOD Edit. There are some weirdo's out there and it's best not to publish personal details on a public forum. Barny006 & Tony, can you sort addresses etc out via PM please? Blackrat.
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Just to follow up on this-Barny, your book has done the rounds of our group and will be on its way back to you next week, many thanks for that. And after extensive research, it appears our mystery structure was the site of a Bofors 40 mm gun. The gentleman who eventually confirmed this recalls it being put there in the '40s, using labour provided by Ganges.


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Thank you

The gun must have been removed prior to 1967 when I joined, hope the book was some help.regards barny.

MOD EDIT: I have put this post in here as it seems to be the thread it was pertaining to, it made no sense as a stand alone thread. If the OP disagrees with this move please let me know and we can discuss.
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