Request for assistance: Short Questionnaire for degree research.

Greetings one and all;

I am currently undertaking a BSc (Hons) Engineering Management degree course at the University of Lincoln.

As part of my research for the dissertation phase, I am attempting to determine what might be successful future strategies to achieve optimum balance between manpower (numbers) and skills (experience and ability).

It would be greatly appreciated, if you could take a few minutes to complete the short questionnaire at the link below. It is only 10 questions, multiple choice with optional comments, and anonymous in that no names, email addresses or personally identifiable service details will be requested.

Survey link:

Many thanks in advance;

RAF_Groundcrew (Lurker from the 'Light Blue' side).
Done. I will say though that, from an engineering viewpoint (WESM), educational opportunities are not an issue. At least, they certainly aren't the reason we're 50% gapped at Senior Rate maintainer level and why the background of SUY Officers is being used as mitigation for going with the gaps.
Many thanks for those of you who have already taken the time to complete the short questionnaire.

The survey is still open and available, and so far, the results have been 'interesting', and not entirely what I was anticipating, but that is the nature and purpose of research !

Thank you in advance to those yet to take part.

Link to survey:
Once again, thank you, all who have taken part thus far...

I plan to close the survey on Friday evening, so there's still a couple of days to contribute, if you wish. The response has been impressive, and the results 'interesting' at first glance.

Thank you in advance to those yet to take part.

Link to survey:

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