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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Had a good time, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. Sure I will get the usual sh!t, but here goes- Just had my annual report. 1RO's gradings A's and B+'s narrative spot on. Not to be a twat but they have been like that for years. However my 2RO (Lt-Cdr) has put some right sh!tty personal comments in. This is based (I believe) purely on the fact we don't get on. Has anyone ever had comments overturned. The report has now been finlalised so not sure where to go with it. This is my last report after 25 years and really don't want a potential employer seeing this pricks comments. Have email my UPO but this only happened Friday so answer back yet??????
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  2. Unless things have changed there is no reason that a potential employer would see the comments. Under the previous system, unless you took copies of your reports they would be archived/destroyed upon you leaving the service - I would assume that is still the case, though may be wrong.
  3. Fair one. Was pretty proud of my reports so was going to use them or at least have them prepped for an employer. To be honest its the principal of it all that has got me hacked off.
  4. Yes, I see your point and empathise but to be honest, in my experience, potential employers have shown no interest in any of the stuff I have produced from Pusser. CV and interview have been the only things that seem to have mattered to them. Again though, I'm sure others may have had different experiences. Good luck.
  5. Cheers Guzzler
  6. Are these the old 264's. Where the DO writes witty type comments like "works like a rat when cornered" etc. These are destroyed when you leave the service. The Service Certificates list the ratings Character, their service career, ships served on, medals awards etc. these get given to you on discharge. Unless the corners cut off shouldn't be much of a problem. Edited to add much the same experience as Guzzler on job market CV & Interview.
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  7. All done on JPA (computer system, if you've been out a while) and you print the reports off for your own records.
  8. on jpa you get a box to put your comments in to have your say, its called your comments and you can write a lot more than the 1RO and 2RO can. if you dont agree with the report content complain about it to the next highest officer or request to change your DO and get it changed.
  9. No you can't put comments for your 2RO once it's finalised. That's the snag I have. Might have go down complaint route, dull but no choice.
  10. i dont know how it is in your unit but getting reports finished on jpa is a proper pain in the arse, i've got two outstanding for me since 2009 that are incomplete due to DO's going on draft/oversight etc!
  11. Makes me feel better, sorry mate, glad it's not just me then!
  12. You can ask for redress over your report. JSP can't remember off the top of my head. There is a specific complaints procedure for SJARs, UPO will know.
  13. Purple_twiglet

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    If you want to raise a complaint then consider what has been said that is factually inaccurate and go from there. Its frustrating when you think its a personality clash, but unless you can prove comments are factually wrong, you're possibly on a hiding to nothing by complaining and will achieve little from it.

    Also, if its your last one, ask yourself if its really worth the stress and hassle - it will make no material difference on the outside - is it worth the bother while you're still inside?
  14. jsp 831

    jsp 757
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  15. Found all the info cheers men. Been seen by a Cdr now and he is disgusted so hopefully get the comments removed. As always thanks for good advice
  16. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    No employer will see any of your reports unless you show them personally. Disconnected reporting between 1 and 2 RO reveal more about the quality of them than of the subject.

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