Reports of Royal Marines killed in Helmand

i've just heard a vague report that 1 or possibly 2 bootnecks have been killed in the Northern helmand region of Afghanistan. RIP lads, thought are with you as always.
rosinacarley said:

I fear it is true. My heart goes out to their families at this time, just before Xmas it always seems more poignant somehow.
Shit!! :( Wish i was out there as a medic sometimes. Hopefully i can do some good and save lives instead of picking drunks up off of the pavement on a this space he maybe donning his green lid again in future!! RIP Royal. This thread is dedicated to you!! :(
RIP Marine and speedy recovery to the injured lad.

This thread is becoming far too common people. How many more Bootnecks are going to be killed before this tour is over?

Thank fck there are Marines like yourself that are such good medics Nutty_Bag. If we didnt, maybe it would be two KIA instead of one.

Stay safe boys.

I can only add that the lads and lassies are doing a fine job. To my great nephew in the sand, "Keep yer 'ead down and yer powder dry". RIP Royal.
Just read a "Flash" report that the lad may have been killed by another "friendly fire" incident. Its reported, but not confirmed, that it was an American aircraft that was firing close to the RMs position.

Keep Striving