Reporting people committing benefit fraud

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by GunZaBlazin, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. There is a guy on my road who is claiming incapacity benefits. Yet I know for a fact he also does the odd day's work for a tree surgeon as well. I plan to report him soon. Do the police give you any type of reward for reporting them?
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


  3. God you must have a fcuking boring life cunty bollocks!!! :roll:
  4. Yes they give you loads and loads of money, infact I've already pre-warned the police of your information and they have deposited the sum of £20,000 ready for you. In order to claim this money a small administration fee is required. Please forward this small fee £500 to the bank account number I have pm'd to you.

    Well done for your brilliant action, helping to save the tax payer gazillions of pounds, if only more people were like you.
  5. You are Fcuking idiot .For one you do not report them to the police!.y .You report them to the DSS .and anothe be cereful if you do someone will get you fordoing it.But that would not be a bad thing in your case.Get rid of a Cnunting wanker
  6. Why you giving me the grief? The c'unt shouldn't be doin the odd days work if he is claiming benefits cos he can't work. Well he best start doing more days cos he'll have to soon when they stop his benefits
  7. Yeah yeah Nailz same old same old!!!

    :roll: :violent3:
  8. 30 pieces of silver - TOSSER !!!!
  9. I guess you havent realised that this is more than likely the throbber "Nailz" and his vain attempt at a bite from everyone. Guess what you bit!! :roll:
  10. Can't the mods check my IP address so I stop being accused of being this nails character please?
  11. Noone said Nails except you, all other posts said Nailz.

    Hello nails 8O :wink: :D
  12. I wouldn't report anyone, at least they are getting some of the money robbed from us by wanker brown back.
  13. I personally couldn't give a Just looking to make some cash by informing on him.
  14. Told ya what to do ...easy money !!!!
  15. a never got a PM tho mate
  16. Must have been drafted!!

  17. What is the difference with a person on incapacity earning a few extra bob and a employer paying low wages and you claiming family income support from the tax payer. Difference is you will get hammered he will be financially rewarded.

    Not everybody recieves a free car, rent paid, rates reduced.

    So you have savings come back when they have all gone. By the way forget about buying a new car or going on a long holiday then stating you have no savings. We will then say you have wasted your money and you will get nowt!!!
  18. Reporting benefit theft

    <<Benefit theft cost the country around £800 million in 2005-06. If you think someone is committing benefit theft, you can report them and stop them taking money from the people who need it most.>>

    Regarding your Question:

    This is a test for your own character.

    If you DO report this apparently fraudulent claimant (anonymously or otherwise) then you will have fulfilled your moral and civic duty.

    If you also seek a reward for doing that duty then this will reveal to you/others what sort of character you have or are at risk of developing.

    From your Post, above, this is now revealed.

    Three Lessons

    1. Learn to GOOGLE ie BENEFIT FRAUD.

    2. Whether NailZ/Nails or not you are dangerous ground with a Post like this on site like this.

    3. Soul-search & re-examine your character.
  19. why dangerous ground? Explain?
  20. Ignore them..just give me the £500 and the £20,000 yours all yours. Instead of transferring it to the bank account no I sent...if you didn't get it I expect one of the MODS (Basts) are already trying to exhort money from it.

    Instead stick it a brown envelope and hide it in a DLB, Which is (Whispers)...On the shelf of the 3 from left phone booth at Colchester train station, at 10:00 tomorrow. Be quick cos I'm off surfing in Cornwall at 12 ish....Cheers

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