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Officer on the bridge!... ex officer... don't all cry in disgust that something found this site!

After having moved to take semi-retirement in France, my remaining uniform was stowed safely (well I thought it was...) in a cupboard in the west wing of our French Farmhouse... nine years later, time for some nostalgic reminiscences and.... damned mice... one uniform looking more like a ball of cotton wool than anything else!

Now... how do I replace it???? anyone any ideas?? Have been away from Blighty for years, been out in civvy street since 1984 and I have absolutely NO IDEA on how I am going to try to replace my uniform

Lt Cmdr, with ADC 'scrambled egg', 6ft4" and a blind bambi (No eyed dear)

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War Hero
I wouldn't worry about it too much, the way the navy is shrinking the only time that you are likely to need it would be for a fancy dress ball


Lantern Swinger
The Wardroom in Nelson used to have a cabin full of ex-officers uniform up for sale. Contact the Mess manager and he may be able to help
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