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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Jockroach, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me of a decent website / company who supply replacement Ink Cartridges. Most of the sites I have trawled through seem to be extremely cheap making me think that they are supplying 'Similar to' but not the actual product. The High Street refill places are sh**e in my opinion. Watery ink making blurred printing.

    Now I don't mind similar to, if they are good enough. But in the past when I have used them the print quality is usually poorer than the original makers ones.

    It's just that I am sick of paying over the top prices for ink cartridges. I go through a lot of doing various work for my Bowling Club as I am Treasurer and the reports have to look at least semi professional and the cost of the ink comes out of my own pocket. (Not ALL Jocks are tightwads you ken!)

    So any site that you may use and you think is good I would be extremely pleased to hear about.

  2. I use Ebay mate.
    Dead cheap but very good quality for printing photos :)
  3. I use Based in Guernsey, no VAT, no P & P.Reasonable prices for 'proper' ink.
  4. It depends on the printer you have, but I refill mine and it prints fine. I bought a decent cartridge so the print heads are decent.

    For black and white printing though, it may be worth buying a second hand laser. I got one from a local scondary school that was going to throw it away. All it needed was a new toner (~£25) and it should last aroun 2500 pages, and prints extremly quick!
  5. I use these people, Ink suppliers

    And have used these too. Another

    Both provided excellent service for my Canon and HP printers. :thumright:
  6. Mate
    1. Why cant the Bowling Club reimburse you?
    2. Can you claim your expenses back in Tax?

    Anyway good to see RR's give good advice.

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