Replacement for our RIBS in the Gulf

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by dublinclontarf, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. They look the DB's....
  2. Don't need them, we have ORC's, all we need is a set of more pro-active ROE's to go with them
  3. Suppose :? , you really think that this (see pic below) is as capable as what the Swedes have, I'll bet it's a good bit cheaper too :roll: .

  4. OK… how do you sling that Swedish über boat on the davits of a 22?

    In case you haven't noticed, we ain't got no spare pennies in the tin to go buying gee whiz boats for a non existant mission requirement, we ain't even got the pennies to run the boats we got.
  5. Now don't go gettin upset there Oil_Slick, just sayin it's some cool kit. And you wouldn't swing em off a ship, they'd have to be shore based.

    Already said they're probably pricey compared to ORC's, christ don't get your knickers all twisted. :lol:
  6. Not made in Britain either so they defo wont get order - no votes in it
  7. Give me the Stock Number and I'll get you one on order :) :lol: :p
  8. Give me the Stock Number and I'll get you one on order :) :lol: :p
  9. You can ORDER it but you wont get it, its not made in Britain so there is no votes to be gained.

    If they build it under licence will take 5 years and several billions of £ before they decide it isnt fit for the job and give them to the Coast Guard or RNLI
  12. We have used LCVPs in the past in this role. 2 x GPMGs and sustainability.
  14. Those m***********g sons of b*****s useless pieces of s**t :x :evil:

  15. Don't sweat it, all the T22's won't be far behind.
  16. don't care............want one now!!!!!

    if they got those I might even consider getting my feet wet 8)

    40kts feck thats quick.....the bootys wouldn't have time to finish thier coco before they hit the beach. well armed, fast littoral patrol craft with capacity to deliver troops and reasonable amount of kit/stores quickly and accurately nooooo of course we dont want em :lol: :lol: :lol:

    and holy mother-of-god those crash stops from full chat have got to hurt! 8O 8O
  17. I suppose if you wanted a cheaper version just get rid of that radar, there you go half price now.
  18. Folks, most of you are missing the simple MOD science here. It isn't the lowest of three quotes, which is accompanied by a poorly negotiated maintenance contract and allows us to pay twice as much in the long run for half as many.

  19. I think that most of us think that we do have a perferctly credible requirement for such boats, both to support boarding ops & provide force protection in littoral environments as well as to provide Coastal and Port protection against terrorist attack in the UK.

    The MoD has also done studies in to how to best prevent a USS Cole type incident and to combat the "Swarm Boat" tactics practiced by the Iranians regularly over the past 10 years. The conclusion of that study was, I believe, that force protection for FF/DDs etc etc against fast attack boats was the deployment of a screen of attack boats. Unfortunately, this study did not lead to an order because their lordships were told that to procure such things meant that they would have to give up something else. Such is life, that's the real world when money is tight.....but hence the embarrasment of the capture of the Cornwall Boarding Party. How expensive would a few dozen of these really be? IMHO there is a need for such capability and there was need identified before the Boarding Party debacle. I just hope that there is not another USS Cole type incident or similar, either in deployed waters or closer to home.

    I accept that you would not sling them from a T22 Davit but you could, as posted earlier, run them from an LPD or sling them from something like Ocean or Argus or how about, whilst I am really dreaming, something along the lines of this:

    Very flexible platforms, relatively low numbers of crew and cheap diesels. What would they replace? The RFA LSLs.

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