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Replacement Application Forms



I've messed up my "Supplementary application for entry into the naval service" form does anybody know where I can download one from, rather than having to go back to the careers office.



Lantern Swinger
Swallow your pride and go back . Or do what I did, said my brother wanted to join and can I have another application form!
Worked for me - Did the deed by phone though. You are in the shit if you have no brother - use the friend scenario then!


War Hero
Fear not, just say you left it on the bus or your dog ate it, alternatively PM me a postal address & I'll send you a new one through the post. No-one is going to get upset if you've lost one or made a mess of it - we don't reject people for making honest mistakes.

The AFCO Form 102 Supplementary Application for Entry into the RN is actually obselete, but is handy for the interview.
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