Replace the SA80 With?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Gutaway, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. FAMAS

  2. CETME Mod L/LC Carbine

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  3. G36

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  4. M16 Series

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  1. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

  2. m16 variant M4
  3. Martini- Henry Rifle.
  4. Gotta be the Diemaco C7, and the C8 for close quarters stuff.
  5. Brown Bess, Le Enfield #4, Martini Henry - anything that works and keep it! Don't swop it out every other month!
  6. go back to the SLR
  7. Im with you on this one ex_wasp, however theres some really decent small digital cameras out now that can take some bloody great photos....And! if you dont like them you can just delete them....bloody brilliant!

  8. I second that-------------- nothing wrong with the old SLR accurate and reliable and quite robust.

    The African States we sold them to as surplus after changing to the SA 80 think they're ace aswell :lol: :lol:
  9. The SLR in its original form select fully automatic or semi taken from the belgium FN was a brilliant rifle.With a few mods i;e a shorter barral stockier butt would have i think been a better rifle altogether
  10. You have to be joking about the SLR in an automatic mode, jesus after firing it on single shot off and on throughout the day going through a couple of bandeliers of ammo you couldnt hear anything , and a definite lack of right hand pud pulling.
  11. Bring back the .303 and it's excellent skewer bayonet. Then lots of people here could use it and use the bayonet for cooking whole chickens, rotisserie style, over the camp fire, like on school cadet camp! :lol:
  12. As a person who has absoluetly no knowledge of any weapon that is not bolted to the deck, well I did do a Lee Enfield 303 and sten gun course in Pusser, why not the AK47 used by just about every rag tag and bobtail organisation in the world that wants to shoot someone. It appears to work no matter how dirty, rusty or neglected. Even 10 year olds drag it about the African bush on a bit of string manage to murder with it. So why have a high tech weapon that gives up at the thought of sand, snow, frost etc.

    I await your expert opinion, what is required of the rife and what off the shelf gun will provide that. The yanks now seem very happy with the M16 wich has been around now since the 60's

  13. MP5

    It is everything we need in the RN.

    As for Royal, give him the SLR back.
    With a proper sight.
  14. I agree with Nutty, AK47. You'll never run short of ammo, whoever we're fighting/policing/freeing/democratising at the time :wink:
  15. I reckon the SA80A2 is not all that bad. Accurate, very few stoppages though i have only used it in temperate climes.


    As an aside this is what the Norwegians I believe have just purchased for their lads.
  16. Steyr? but would prefer the SLR - used to have to strip it, clean it and re-assemble it blindfold and thats not a lot of things I could do that with!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. how about one that shits money?

    in the current financial climate thats the only way we will be seeing a replacement weapon in the near and not so near future
  18. a nice big fat helicopter/jet

    then i can get my head down for a kip safe in the knowledge that my rack is well guarded.

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