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"Cutlasses continue to be worn in the Royal Navy and USN ceremonial by a Chief Petty Officer escorting the White Ensign and by RN Senior or Leading Ratings in an escort at a court martial. Windlass RAN pattern cutlass with leather scabbard is suitable for Warrant Officers' and Senior Sailors' official ceremonial ".
Catalyst: Toorale Man murder mystery - ABC TV Science
Apr 7, 2015 - Bizarrely, the skull wounds on Toorale Man appear similar to those on gladiators in Imperial Rome.
In 2016 , same author wrote :
"It would appear that sharpened wooden instruments, such as fighting boomerangs and ‘Lil-lils’ may be the most plausible class of weaponry to have inflicted the damage observed."

Same author in 2017. ( the Toorale man is named as "Kaakutja").
" wooden weapons...The ethnography is clear that these weapons created trauma patternss similar to that documented in Kaakutja. There is rock art in the region showing people in combat using wooden weapons. "
Did Admiralty make a major error in knocking up swords and cutlasses from rusty iron? Would HM ships have been better served with wooden blades ? Why did they rely on metal cannon balls ? Is it time to return to oak ships and dump foam plastic and aluminium ?

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