Repeated Medical and Fitness test



I have got a RN scholarship to BRNC after I finish Uni. I'm in 6th form at the moment.

Unfortunately as I finished my application I cannot email my AFCO.

I was wondering if anyone knew if I have a yearly medical exam and a yearly fitness test? I understand that I will have a yearly fitness test while at uni, but will I have one during 6th form? And I don't know anything about yearly medical exams but I understand that they only last for one year.



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I think you’ll belong to the Universities office at BRNC now - they manage bursars and the like. I can dig out a number on Thursday once I’m back in office if no one can help before that. Weren’t you given any information when you passed AIB? Should have been included with your offer letter I think? Out of interest, which branch have you been accepted into?


@Spare_Rib if you could find that number, I would be very pleased. I'll try to find the acceptance letter as well.

I'm going to train as a Aircraft Engineering Officer.

Thanks for all the help so far

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