Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all ... the Germans invent another niche in the market place.

    They refuse to rally for neo-Nazis, but as long as the price is right a new type of German mercenary will take to the streets and protest for you.
  2. Sounds amusing ... unlike the rent a charity worker cohort used by many UK charities to irritate one in the main thoroughfares of towns and cities. They are really annoying and I'm afraid one of these days I'm going to deck one of them, hypocritical scabs ... (rant not over I could carry on for hours on this one) :sad:
  3. At least the protest organiser has to pay for them, to many of the professional protesters here are paid for by us through the dole.
  4. Bloody hell G R! Have you been on the Thatcher's medium again?
  5. Not as bad as those" HAVE YOU HAD AN ACCIDENT IN THE LAST TWO YEARS" scumbags that used to plague the streets. Thankfully they went bust!!!
  6. I think the worst form of protester are those who turn up at perfectly legitimate protests to pick a fight with the establishment. The problem is that they will continue to do this as long as they continue to get a small fine or a slap on the wrist because there is no room in the prisons. :evil:

  7. SF - Unfortunately democracy allows low-life the opportunity to roam streets, etc when they don't have to sign on the dole or collect their money/ spend it in the pub, etc.
  8. Having visited a few non democratic countries in my travels, I would rather put up with the odd chav or two that have a totalitarian state.

    It is realy very strange to go into a bar and realise the only person there who will speak to you is the barman because he has to serve you. Every one else is frightened of the dawn raid if seen speaking to a foreigner without permission.

    Yup I will put up with the low life they are a small price to pay or freedom.
  9. Maxi
    It is possible to have freedom without lowlife. As for friendliness of the people in totalitarian states, I was made extremely welcome in both Chile and China, neither of these have problems with low life. China possibly because of its extremely harsh sentencing for criminal activities.
    It is time to either re-educate or eradicate low life, preferably re-educate.
  10. Oh I have been made very welcome in totalitarian states too, but only by people who had permission to speak to me, I remeber once taking part in a seminar behind the iron curtain, at lunch the locals split into two groups, the party members who could speak to us and the non party memebers who could not. They can put on a good show and sometimes you need to look below the surface. Remebr these are places where the principle is always that it is better that 10 innocents go to jail than one guilty man goes free. They rule by terror, not my scene sorry.
  11. Maxi in China I worked in many cigarette factories in many provinces. I ws allowed free access to anywhere in the cities?towns. I drank and ate with the local population unaccompanied and without any guards/interpreters. The ordinary Chinese citizen is very friendly and open. However when it comes to crime they know that the penalties are often extreme. The crime rate therefore is extremely low, and the clear up rate extremely high. During my time in China I saw a lot of poverty, however these underprivileged Chinese did not resort to thieving
    Chile in a place called Consception, friendly people.
    Libya, no problems with the people mixed well in the factory, however Sharia law meant low crime rate.
    Britain has become soft on crime and even softer on the causes of crime.
  12. Totalitarian states are not all bad - depends who your working for!

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