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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. I would never have believed that there was a shortage of Homosexuals in Brighton and Hove. :cry:
    However seems that straights are actually being offerred cash for their services. Nothing strange about that but they don't even have to take off their clothes :p

    Straight paramedics "bribed" to take part in Brighton Pride
    8:09am Monday 22nd June 2009

    Ambulance staff could be paid extra to march at Brighton Pride – regardless of their sexuality.

    Dozens of paramedics from South East Ambulance Service NHS Trust, the majority of whom are heterosexual, are being encouraged to walk along Brighton’s seafront in their uniform at this year’s Pride festival.

    One source claimed the trust had offered to pay workers £40 each to take part in their own time, because it was feared not enough would volunteer for the event.

    The money, which comes from the public purse, is roughly equivalent to two hours’ overtime pay.

    Posters are believed to have been placed around the trust’s headquarters advertising the August 1 march with an ambulance covered in rainbow-coloured balloons and offering staff free transport to Brighton.

    A member of staff told a national newspaper anonymously: “People from the trust went last year but they all attended as volunteers. I heard the turnout wasn’t very high and they wanted to get more people there.

    “They’ve had to bribe people with the overtime cash because the overwhelming majority of staff are straight and not totally comfortable about giving up their free time to go on a gay march.â€

    The TaxPayers’ Alliance condemned the use of ambulance funds to pay overtime for the event.

    Spokesman Mark Wallace said: “This is absolutely ridiculous that public money is being spent on politically correct stunts. If ambulance staff want togo to the march on their own behalf in their own time then that’s fine, but there’s no way we should pay for them to go on this march. The ambulance service is there to answer 999 calls and not for attending political events.â€

    But Jamie Hakim, former Pride trustee and former owner of gay magazine 3SIXTY, said Pride was not, and never had been, a political event and welcomed the fact more people were being encouraged to attend the march.

    He added: “It’s great paramedics are being encouraged to attend Pride.

    “Everyone joins in – whether gay, straight or whatever – and if they save someone’s life on the day then that’s £40 well spent.

    “I can’t believe Pride is being described as a political movement.

    It’s about the whole city celebrating diversity.â€

    But a spokeswoman for the South East Coast Ambulance Service said paramedics would be working at the event.

    She said: “As well as responding to 999 calls we are also committed to educating people on big medical issues.

    “They will be working and if they are outside their normal shifts they will get paid overtime.

    “Some people will be able to attend within their normal shift pattern, but those who have had to give up their free time will get paid two hours overtime.

    Some people will get time off in lieu instead.

    “They will also be there as a response crew. They are all fully trained paramedics, so if anything happens they will be able to treat anyone while they are there.â€

    As part of the ambulance service’s campaign to improve stroke survival rates, crews working at Brighton Pride will also be talking to the public about how to spot a stroke and what help to offer.

    Sussex Police and West and East Sussex fire and rescue services also plan to attend the march. They were unable to reveal if their staff members were being paid extra.
  2. This buggers belief!
  3. Looks like their will be a good turn out from Sussex Too :roll: :sex: !!! Thingy and 42 are on their way
  4. OK I'll bite :roll:
    This event is one of the largest in the world. It attracts people of all sexual persuasions, families, religious nutters, freaks, and yes, members of the uniformed services.
    Any member of the ambulance service would come into contact on a daily basis, either as colleagues or customers, a great many homosexual people.
    It is massive and stops the entire town for a day, there is no escaping it. The whole place going into more of party atmosphere than is usual. The event is free and welcomes all.
    There is a parade which blocks the only access road to the town, and the rest happens in a public park on the approaches to the town. Nothing is hidden, nothing is shameful, and not many people, except the religious nutters, object.
    Most of the uniformed services have stands/flyers and a representation. If you look for any disgrace then whoever runs the AFCO in the town ought to be ashamed of themself, the place, from the outside, looks scruffy, not cared for, and until very recently was still stained by the paint thrown over it years ago...come on lads put a bit of pride into it!!!!!!Brighton is a town that was built on and made its name through liberal thought and actions, it continues this apace, which is why many people come to live here, and enjoy doing so.
    Anyone not liking this has a simple option - don't come! But, if you don't you would be missing a great event, and tell me please, exactly how many free and inclusive events does anyone know.
    This year I will again be going along with a group from our local pub. In this group are heterosexuals, homosexuals, families, members of two armed forces, old ladies who are old enough to understand what discrimination can do (one spent 30 years as an RAF nurse). And a few who don't announce their sexuality and now one gives a damn. And do you know what, we'll all have a damned good time.
  5. Sussex
    If someone would give me £40 to march in the parade, I would polish me boots and get fell in. I reckon Scouse would come with me and we could hold hands during the parade :p
  6. I see you both more as supporting the local brewing trade myself. Have you tried Harveys? knocks spots of that northern frothy crap.
    You'd be welcome to come along and we'll agree the rendevous nearer the time.
    Boots will be worn by certain types with certain sexual persuasions, a relaxed style of tropical rig would propbably suit Scouse and yourself more.
    Plus there would be plenty of things to hold other than hands :wink:
    I am sure you would give, and give so generously to support the event :lol:
  7. 4O QUID :wink: im game??? Hello sailor :roll: EDIT and QUOTE Sussex2 and the rest happens in a public park :lol: :lol:
  8. We know that love, it's written on every cottage wall in St Helens, but up there the price is 4.99 :lol: and keep the change.

  9. dirty fukking bummer....
  10. Somebodys gate crashed :roll: :roll:
  11. The guy fallen in behind the chief reminds me of: [​IMG]
  12. Bit slow on the uptake aren't you blossom :roll:
  13. Sorry love but you took this quote from one of the crapppiest, most homophobic rags in print.
    It pretends not to be homophobic but, as some of us can remember in former years it was in the forefront of 'outing' people and encouraging police campaigns against the easy picking that were on offer in Brighton.
  14. No No :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: Capt Pugwash :lol: :lol:

  15. I've had a word with the recruiters but to no avail.
    I started by trying to give them a bollocking, but was informed of the following "Unfortunately in these PC times staff may be male, female or trans-gender so may or may not have bollocks. It there are no bollocks then a bollocking cannot be given"
    As for painting the AFCO we were stuck for a colour scheme, the Army wanted Olive Green, the RAF Airforce blue and the RN navy Blue. Unfortunately most of Brighton's residents demanded Pink, so until we can make a decision the office will stay scruffy. As for the paint stains on the exterior, we have been unreliably informed that it may be the work of someone named Banksy, seems that if we paint over it we may be desecrating a national treasure.
    They then cut the conversation short as it seems that it was the RNs turn to provide the fairy cakes, when asked about Navy cake all I received was a knowing smile :p
  16. As of course you would know so well :wink:
  17. Just from what Scouse my sea daddy told me :p
  18. :lol: :lol: And Cherry pie told me :wink: :wink: Cherry Pie, Brighton says...
    12:18pm Mon 22 Jun 09
    Stripes wrote:
    "It’s about the whole city celebrating diversity.†WRONG. It's about the city's gay population allowed to grind the city to a halt, flout street drinking bans and enjoy sucking each other off in the city's parks while 99% of the residents stay well away from town and the parks until kylie and steps hits coming from Preston Park appears to have stopped. I reckon that the majority of 'residents' simply do not care about pride and what its stands for, nor how much white wine spritzers will get sold to help fund the local economy. Its another group of people taking over the city for the day at a huge inconvenience to everyone else.
    It's a real shame that you feel that way, but whatever. More space in the park for us woos :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

    I am straight but I go to show support, get dressed up in a silly outfit and have a jolly good time - maybe you should try it ;)
  19. All the Brightonians I know think the whole thing is one great big pain in the arse but what would they know, after all they're only the poor suckers who have to pay for it!
  20. Do you have a narrow mind to match your boat? :p

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