Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Krellious, Aug 7, 2008.

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  2. Re: I really just don't understand.

    Other candidates did better than you on later AIBs, it's a merit thing.
    Hang in there, your time will come.
  3. Re: I really just don't understand.

    As NZ Bootneck said, unfortunately the AIB is based on how well you do, but also how well everyone else does.

    Your ACLO will be able to tell you better where you missed out and what the other people scored to knock you down the list.

    Also as NZ Booty said you need to hang in there. Firstly people might drop out or change their minds. But you will eventually get your date to join BRNC.

    Keep smiling

    Neil - SM

  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: I really just don't understand.

    The meanies. It's just not fair.
  5. Re: I really just don't understand.

    I'ts just beastly for one to have to wait one's turn simply because some Johnny Comelately has bested one in the tests of LackofNumptiness hosted by Her Majesties Sea Lords
  6. PERSEC or CENSORSHIP??? :confused:
  7. Ask the originator
  8. Having read the original post, it is neither Thingy. They were complaining about being put back until April. They thought the Navy was being unfair.

    If anything, upon revisiting the thread they probably thought it sounded a little too trantrum-esque for an up and coming potential officer. (I really hope that's why)
  9. Jumped up little piggies, send them to the back of the trough. :w00t:
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The irony is, if he/she had left the original post as was, this thread would probably have been ignored with all the others... 8O
  11. An RN ossifer in embryo complaining about a short wait till April..... Impossible! Must be Norman or an imposter! o_O
  12. It happens to everyone, I thought I was going to be in by January, then the intake was reduced in size (so I'm told, I might have just not been good enough on my first showing at AIB), I then thought February and the same thing happened, I was then told I would have to re-attend AIB. I dripped when I found out, but you soon learn that you have to pick yourself up and go in with an even more resilient attitude than at first.

    I did and was loaded on to the next available intake, June of this year. Which I think was a blessing in disguise, much better to complete the Phase One Exercise ABLE Command in July's gorgeous heat on Dartmoor, than February's freezing cold nights. Whenever you get in, you will have an amazing time, so long as you give it your all! I know its usually not what many people advise you to do, but volunteer for everything at BRNC, especially in PT, it is all noted, you are always under the microscope. Just because you have passed the AIB does not mean you are guaranteed to be a Naval Officer. If you don't meet the standard in training, you will be chopped.

    Plans changing at the last minute, to change again and change again is something I've learnt in my short time in the Navy to be very common! But it is definitely worth the wait!
  13. First rule in the Andrew :w00t: Snotty. Is never Volunteer for anything :salut: Second rule, was never be late for payment :thumright:
  14. Not if you're good enough that you don't get bumped...

  15. Haha yes Good point... bearing that in mind, I still maintain I'm better than the Sub/Lts in my entry as I'm good enough to get into Dartmouth without a degree! *Tongue in cheek*

    Scouse, that is, I'm sure as I will find on IST, the right answer in the Fleet, but I've learnt BRNC is a bubble not entirely reflective of the real Navy! It is a game that must be played! Fortunately Mess Bills can now be paid by Direct Debit, so us young Ossifer Cadets don't have to remember to pay! Ahh God bless technology!
  16. I detect your getting Street wise/savvy Snotty :thumright: Looks like they might have to change the rules of advancement for you? Like they did for David Beatty. Better start wearing your cap at an angle Snotty :salut: :w00t: ps Whats that mess number again? :thumright:
  17. Hope you have the correct number of buttons on your uniform this morning Snotty :thumright: Not doing a David/ Beatty are we ? P.S. straighten your Cap? :salut:
  18. Unfortunately Scouse I'm missing a vital ingredient to do a Beatty... a wealthy and well connected wife!
  19. Why would you want a neurotic wife Snotty?
  20. She did buy him a yacht!

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