War Hero
Speak to your DO.
It has been done before...but not often.
The needs of the service come first so now that you are required to complete a ROS for the training that you have received you might find that a difficult hurdle to surmount.
You need to be really really fit, particularly upper body. I think the PTIs can advise with this. You need to prove that you are fit before you can transfer, not just RN fit, but RM fit. You might be able to get a visit or acquaintance type thing to find out more.
Speak to your DO.


Lantern Swinger
I may be slow on the uptake but did you write you failed the 1 1/2 mile ? Your currently serving ? And you think CTC is a realistic option ?

You could try stand up as a career.... unless someone 'persuades' you into another career you didn't want

I'm off for a laydown, my ribs hurt


War Hero
due to failing my mile and a half return i got persuaded to join the mob but ended up getting a specialisation i didn't want.

How many times did you fail the PJFT before being told to consider a variety of less physically demanding roles which you were eligible for?

Generally, since the RN has invested a few £1000 training someone to do the job they chose to do, they'll usually expect the individual to complete their 30 months return of service before entertaining an application for a branch transfer
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