Remembrance Surprise Surprise

Just in by email which may be of interest. Perhaps you'd like to meet up again with your bezzer from basic or the bloke who saved your life that time?

I'm a Researcher on the ITV1 series 'Surprise, Surprise', which gives deserving people around the UK special treats. A very central part of our format are reunion items, and for our show due to air on Remembrance Sunday, we'd like to facilitate and film a military reunion.

Would Rum Ration be able to help spread the word? We have an established working relationship with a professional tracker who helps to reunite adopted children, old friends and former workmates from all around the world.

We film these reunions in our studio in London, having looked back at the person's story and finding out why they're keen to meet up with the person they're reuniting with. This filming would be around a month before Remembrance Day, but shown on the day itself.

We are also looking for extraordinary people who have gone over and above the call of duty, be it in the workplace or helping out a friend or family in a time of need.
Note that this isn't Princess Productions again. Not only have they had the decency to contact us first but they're also not daft enough to provide a personal email address!

You can contact them at [email protected]

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