Remembrance Sunday

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by sjgibbons, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. I know it's a while off, so apologies, but this upcoming November will be my first in the mob, and just wondering what's the procedure for laying a wreath at my local town for Remembrance Sunday? I've always been every year and it would be an honour to somehow be involved. I'll be in my phase 2b training then so leave for weekend hopefully wouldn't be too much of an issue. Just wondering if anyone has done it before and if the navy looks for volunteers or if it's done through the local royal naval association? Any help would be great so could get the ball rolling

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  2. Contact your local RBL or RNA.

    if you live in Huntingdon or local area PM me.

    cheers JFH
  3. It's always possible that you may get roped into local (to you training establishment) Remembrance Day stuff as a phase II I would think.
  4. Where I live I usually leave it to the Lord Mayor, it seems rude to push him out the way.
    And he hangs with the chief Constable that day anyway.
    Don't you have to be invited anyways. If you are acting as an individual, anyone may lay a wreath.
  5. I'm a dirty northerner I'm afraid. Really guz? In our town there's a rep from each force, mob and civvie. Yeah could lay one as an individual, but would be much more of an honour to do on navy's behalf. Gets a good 4,000 people a year which isn't bad for a town of only 9,000. I'll speak to my DO and see if he can shed any light. Cheers for the info guys

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  6. Unless I'm missing something here, it says on most War Memorials "the glorious dead".
    I didn't realise it was for the honour of the wreath bearer.
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  7. I would suggest that you contact your local RNA or RBL and ask them. They would probably bite your hand off.
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  8. Don't take that as gospel gibbo - merely a possibility in my (distant) experience. Just as a trainee you can get jobbed for all sorts of extra stuff (as can anyone of course) and obviously Remembrance Day is a biggie. If you have strong connections in your grim :)tongue:) neck of the woods hopefully it would be a considered a good enough PR scoop and have the support of your DO/CO. Piece of string really I suppose.
  9. On my local Rememberance Parade we always invite serving members (in rig) to march at the front of the RBL platoon, we always ask if one of them will volunteer to lay the wreath, one always does so maybe your local RBL do the same?
  10. Cheers wrecker, I'll contact RBL closer to the time, probably in the autumn. And yeah was thinking that too guz, probs end up doing something at Culdrose. Maybe when I'm QS and not at the mercy of my DO (even tho I love it) might be able get up for it. Certainly hope so anyway

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