remembrance sunday

Discussion in 'International' started by ropedope, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Thanks RD a very good reminder about the reality of war and the price ' they ' paid . Food for a lot of deep thought .
  2. :thumright: Thanks RopeDope, I've been looking for this since last year, when I forgot to note the id.

  3. This video was fantastic and sad at the same time. They should air this as an advert on national TV at this time of the year.
  4. And personal copies to the outgoing/incoming Service Ministers, Tony Bliar, Goooordon Broon, that tosspot Lady Mayor, the WH Smith's Manager et al - but will they take notice - I somehow I rather think they won't .

    Sad people :( as well as :toilet:
  5. wow i had to bury the conveyor crew,makes me weep
  6. i buried the crew from the Atlantic conveyor such a sad day May the 26th 1982 , Adrain Price NG po ,frank foukes,and my friends Mark Henderson,BrianHinge, ROB Griffin rest n peace

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