Remembrance Sunday Service.

I would contact other occifers attending and decide between you all if you want to carry them or not, maintain uniformity between you all. But to be honest swords aren't necessary so, why bother carrying extra weight. Just go in 1B's
Wear what you want its about respect and humility, a shirt and a decent pair of shiney shoes would be nice. Me I shall have my daughter in No1s alongside me and I will march holding her hand with my head held high, won't do the church shite but will visit the shrine of Sharps Doombar in the local Legion most of the afternoon before retiring to my scratcher snoozing softly and waking up far too often for an old mans piss.
Ah Twigg those that grow old gracefully, sadly not me, the omly lump in my boxers these days is the quiet turd I have deposited whilst in deep slumber having had too much Cornish 6.5% Rattler.

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