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Remembrance parades red tape petition

I have been asked to post this on behalf of an ARRSE member. I have suggested that he adds more info, although if anyone here can do that on his behalf then it would be useful:

Message: Can you please display the following on your website:

In view of the increasing number of reported cases of councils placing obstructions and various red tape in the arrangement and holding of Remembrance parades the PM is being petitioned to issue all public authorities clear directives to prove at public expense the support necessary to arrange these non-political acts of remembrance.

Please sign the attached petition and pass it on to everyone you know


I am the pongo that asked for this to be posted.

The link hasn't posted correctly it should be:

With regards to the obstructions being placed in the way of Remberance Parades these are a few of the press articles:

Whilst to my knowledge no council has refused to allow a parade to take place there have been a number of councils who have obstructed in one way or another the running of a parade or the Poppy Collections.

This is not a new problem there are recorded examples of "over zealous" bureaucracy going back to 2001 when PM Office had to step in.


Book Reviewer
paddlequack said:
Why are councils obstructing them?
Sorry about this just i'm a bit lost in whats going on... :S

Its a lot to do with costs, Health and Safety regs. mean that extra Marshalls are needed. With the claims culture being what it is insurance is required to cover the event, quite often the costs of these things is beyond the financial resources of the small Branchs holding the event.

Mind you I'm one of the old and bold and probably don't know what I'm talking about. :toilet:


Lantern Swinger
Signed it and passed the message on :thumright:

As far as I know here in Newton Abbot we are only allowed 3 days to sell poppies :toilet:
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