Remembrance Day

Always a bad weekend for me, lost a few mates in the skimmer world 82 and onwards, sometimes struggle with depression and guilt, BUT if I had a choice woulld I do it again feck me yes but hopefully with fewer mistakes.
AB HSD Les Sayers 1922 - 1993 bless you dad.
stan_the_man said:
* me its gone 2300 got me incontinence pads on, off to bed sorry for wollowing in self pity be better come Monday.
Not at all Stan. We're off to a wedding tomorrow, but we will be in front of the TV at home Sunday morning for the Remembrance Service, I know I'll shed more than a tear, and rightly so. Better people than me gave their lives in past conflicts, it's the least I can do to bow my head and pay homage to them on 1 day a year.......


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Service on Plymouth Hoe for me and the family. My brother has recently started going to the matinee performance at the RAH then Whitehall on Sunday, ship's programme permitting, I may do that next year.
I am a cynical, unemotional old b*stard (well that what my ex wife said) but I had a major lump in my throat and tears in my eyes whilst listening to Katherine Jenkins (and whoever the lad was) and watching the War widows walking onto the stage just now at the Festival of remembrance.

Although I was was lucky not to be sent South in 82, I knew a couple of the lads that didn't make it back and I will be thinking of them tomorrow whilst watching the service on TV.


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type42stoker said:
...but we will be in front of the TV at home Sunday morning for the Remembrance Service... it's the least I can do to bow my head and pay homage to them on 1 day a year.......

Don't you think it might be better to go to the local Cenotaph? Take the kids (if you have any, or niece & nephews etc) and make your presence and feelings known.

It's about passing the message down; cascading a message to those that are unaware of service particularly kids. And remember those that died before you.

You won't be expected to wear Nos 1's or anything, but yours and everyone else's presence in the crowd makes a world of difference to those who parade.
Last year 2 lasses (AB's) from Illustrious were seen in the crowd wearing uniform...fantastic I thought and 'ordered' them to fall in the parade with the cadets. This they did enthusiastically and the Mayor of Barnsley couldn't speak highly enough of them at the bun fight in the town hall!
A letter of appreciation to the CO was sent.

I haven't seen the London Parade on TV for years due to taking part and it is a regret on my part, but I know my attendance, as insignificant as it appears, is far more valuable to the cause.

Get out there and do it..!
Im going to the Cenotaph today to show my respect and appreciation to all who serve and have served, war asks the ultimate in courage,competence,of all fighting men, and how well they have shown that over the years,

On this poignant day in memory of my friends who never returned in 82

AEM Mark Henderson (KIA HMS Glamorgan)
AEM Brian Hinge (KIA HMS Glamorgan)
MNE Bob Griffin ( KIA San Carlos Water), also the crew of the ARA Islas De Los estados sunk 10 May with the loss of 21 crew members


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Off to the Dumfries Memorial this morning to record it.

IAN TURNBULL (Ck KIA 25/05/1982 HMS Coventry)
ANDREW SWALLOW (Ck KIA 04/05/1982 HMS Sheffield)
NEIL GOODALL (Ck KIA 04/05/1982 HMS Sheffield)
No worries Stan - I lost a relative in 82, and its only right that we don't forget.
I don't think anyone who got off their backside and went to fight for their country has anything to feel guilty about.
Better men than me gave their lives for this country, in all sorts of places and we should never forget them.
We shall never forget those past and present.

Having served and have relatives and friends serving or served.

My thoughts are with those I know who have lost their lives and those families and friends who are also remembering their loved ones.

May those still in zones of conflict be safe

RIP all those fallen
Raise a glass, even if only in your head, to those that have gone before us, and Thank them, as I do every single day, for the opportunity to live our lives in freedom.

God Bless you all.


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Was at the Dumfries Memorial today and was surprised to see a young sailor there. Notice he had a "Neptune" cap tally on so went to talk to him. Seems he was on leave and decided to come along to show a Navy presence (its mainly KOSBs in this area). How often have we all tried our best to get out of November Ceremonies and here was a young lad (hes a OM(SSM)) giving up a bit of his leave to attend and march to the War Memorial. Well chuffed with that.
Passed-over_Loggie said:
We, as a nation, forget so easily.
I am not so sure that we do, there is an increase in family history tracing - see the popularity of 'who do you think you are' and as we all know history is the new gardening on telly. I heard a fascinating story of a chap who discovered that his dad had been a WW1 veteran and who had been stuck in no mans land for 5 days, he died sometime after that war and through a clerical error had not been awarded the Silver War Star. It was given to people medically discharged I believe so that they would not face abuse for being out of rig. His son arranged for him to be posthumously awarded this medal recently and will likely go down in history as the last WW1 medal to be awarded.

The MoS has written about three children whose fathers were FEPOWs, and what a moving article that was.

No I do not think we forget.
I can't help wondering if the manner in which we 'remember' doesn't partly contribute to the glorification and continuation of war and therefore prop up the establishment which not only uses soldiers when they are alive but also uses them for its own self-aggrandisement after their death. My skin crawls when I see politicians and the royal family laying wreaths to the dead when they are quite happy to continue to send young people out to die in unjustified conflicts.

Perhaps we are remembering, but remembering the wrong things, or at any rate remembering very different things from those who gain cudos from the Remembrance process.

Having said the above I can't just think of a good alternative ...
Went to a very small village in Shropshire this morning for the service.
The church was full,we walked down to memorial and all the names were read out one by one.

Not a long list but it mattered in that small community.

The vicar said he thought more people were attending the rememberance services not less thses days and I tend to agree with him.

The milk tanker driver stopped his truck and bowed his head whilst still at the wheel,it didnt stop the selfish t*$£t in the Audi from driving around him past the group standing there.

The locals knew the guy and no doubt he will learn of his ignorance later.

RIP all those who lost their lives and God bless those still serving.

Stay safe.

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