Remembrance day

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by lastmuppet, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. We are struggling to get a marching platoon this year (Stand fast the guard). I think that the parade on Sunday should be the only compulsory event that people attend, if they wish to go to others then that is up to the individual
  2. have to agree, our unit is spread alarmingly thin. still some tossers who should be on parade but have the same gash dits to excuse themselves. :cry:
  3. Tell me about it. We finally got a 10 man - yes 10 man - guard together, and then only because 2 senior rates dug out their square rig. On the day of the race, there were enough JRs pitched up for the marching platoon to have made up an 18 man guard.

    It is bounty committment at our unit, but as you say, same old tosspot excuses every year. Those who turned up for marching platoon probably only pitched up to get their bounty.

    You know who you are - Listen up boys - and girls. Talk is next year we're not having a marching platoon. If you want your Bounty, you're gona have to be in the guard. Tough luck guys - you've got away with it for far too long.

    I can't understand it myself. There's no greater honour in my opinion than to represent the Senior Service in the Remembrance Day parade. I'd be bloody upset if I couldn't do it. No effin' pride some people!!! :evil:
  4. I was marching in Cranbrook (an hour's drive from where I live) and the veterans numbered 12 - the majority from the RNA. Two of them were us ex-ROC people - there was me aged 43 and our wreath layer (ex WW2, RN) aged 79. Both of us have chronic back pain. Both of us marched. The rest of our ROC brothers are now too disabled to march. Cranbrook is a mile and a quarter march from the church to the War Memorial uphill. Looks like I might be on my own next year. :(

    Like you I cannot understand why they don't feel any pride in representing the RNR in uniform at this event, nor any apparent wish to pay tribute to fallen comrades. Would they feel the same had they lost some of their comrades? I lost a former work colleague when Al Q bombed the UN HQ in Iraq three years ago. She was the only UK citizen killed in that terrorist attack.
  5. Yeah, I'm still calming down. Our 2 SRs were spitting feathers on the day, as were their colleagues in the correct rig.

    I'll be there next year even if it's a 6 man guard. There was one advantage though - as we'd all done guard so many times before we didn't need much training and we never fluffed up.

    Might have been a small guard but at least it looked good.
  6. Good turn out in Liverpool, from EAGLET and LIVERPOOL. Pity about the other parades.

    One thought though. It looked like there were almost as many Campaign Medals as (opposed to LSGCs etc.) worn by the uniformed platoons as there were by the veterans platoons. Sign of the times.
  7. 3 of us Brits were on exercise BoldMaster and we asked if anyone minded if we went out for our two minute silence.....the rest of the team followed! We had with us on the Bridge Wing 3 Dutchmen, two Nordics and a German! They were totally fascinated as their countries do not do such a thing. It was a very proud and sombre moment.
  8. Well said everybody,
    It really gets my goat when you hear some of the excuses they come up with as to why they can't have the decency to turn up in rig and show respect. Personally I go around everybody in my unit and ask them why no show (Officers included). It's amazing how many shamed red faces there are as they stutter out one pathetic excuse after another. People say it should be mandatory for bounty, everybody turns to for the security lecture cause if you dont - no bounty!!!

    I help organise the Albert Hall event and I struggle to get people!!!

    The sooner these people realise that the only reason they can be a part of our Armed Forces and wear the Rig is that Millions died (and are still doing) so we could be free.

    "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the Sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM!"

    "When you go home, tell them of us and say "FOR YOUR TOMORROW WE GAVE OUR TODAY"
  9. The RNR in Leeds gave a good account of themselves. We had over 20 including New Entries. The guard is done by the TA but we led the forces (Not Vets) with pride, and we were in step for a change.

    I do think its a disgrace that people can't put themselves out for a couple of hours once a year.

    RE: Bounty commitment. I dont recall signing up to drugs lecture, remembrance day and whole unit assessment to get my bounty. the papers i signed mentioned 24 days per year inc 12 days ORT.
  10. Yes bounty is 12 SA / 12 ORT but local command have the prerogative to make certain things compulsory - such as Divisions in our unit, I seem to recall RNR100 was aswell, but I didn't sign up for that when I joined either. It doesn't - and shouldn't matter.

    More recently, Rememberance Parade has been made compulsory by our unit. Still doesn't stop people coming up with crap excuses for not pitcing up. One of our guys came along and marched in the guard DESPITE having been on a night shift. By the time he hit the sack he'd been up 36 hours.

    I think more to the point is that some people are obviously not proud to represent their service in public. It is a disgrace that people can't be arsed to do this little thing once a year. If they feel it's too much hassle for them then they ought to re-examine their reasons for being in the forces.

    I know you're in agreement with the majority of us, but please don't give these wasters ammo like "I didn't agree to do it when I joined". It doesn't wash.
  11. Have you read BR60A? No? Well here is the relevant section:

    At no time did you sign anything that committed you to a set number of days or type of training. Check the books before gobbing off!
  12. Somewhat academic me old shipwreck. Doesn't matter what it says in BR's, we are in a military service in which all should consider the observance of Armistice Day, and the paying of respects to those who gave (and are still giving) their lives, a duty and a priveledge - no excuses. We're here, because of them !.
  13. sorry to hear some of u guys are having trouble getting ppl to go to remembrance- I know the local URNU unit which I'm involved in was oversubscribed- wish we could of taken more but we didn't have the transport for it- so had to send them local rather than to our affiliated town

    Who's gobbing off? I think you may have misunderstood my comments. I turn up and march with pride at our remembrance day parade as well as the other stuff that they ask us to do. I was just making the point that they don't really tell you about divisions, remembrance day WHA etc, etc when you join. The focus tends to be on the 24 days a year.

    And the day i start readin through BR's to the extent where i can quote specific paragrphs is the day when i decide to jack the RNR in. you really need to get out more.

    Try not to take everything so literally and start shouting the odds at the first opportunity. My original point about marshng with pride on remembrance day should have been a bit of a give away!

    Cool ya jets a little ship mate!
  15. Guys / girls, calm down. We are all singing from the same hymn sheet. We all take pride in what we do but we owe so much to those who went before and never returned. My Father is now 84, has had a triple by pass and can't walk without his walking stick but every year he starts preparing his "rig" weeks before. He dons his kilt (He was a Cameron Highlander), pins on his medals on his British Legion Blazer and takes his place proudly on parade with his diminishing band of brothers. He never winges about standing in the normally freezing November weather and still manages to give the Parade Marshal lip. He then goes off for a pint or two with his oppos and always shouts for silence and toasts "Absent Friends". How can we not respect these people.
    I am so proud of my Dad and all the others like him.

    They done their bit, now lets do ours. To make it mandatory is a good idea but I'd rather people volunteered and showed their respect. All you folks who supported this thread, next year, in all of your units and messes, lets make a big thing of it before the event and make sure everyone in your unit knows your feelings and maybe we can have a better turn out from now on.

  16. Forward had a fantastic turn-out this year. Virtually the entire unit turned up, which meant a rather long column of matelot's being applauded behind the older veterans.

    As has been said, it should be compulsory for all members to be at this one with no pathetic excuses allowed except for extreme cases (things do crop up births, deaths etc.), otherwise we should all be there.

    To those who made the effort - bloody well done - you did the navy and the veterans proud! To those who can't be arsed - hang up your uniform and bugger off! - You don't belong!

    We owe a huge debt to these people and it's one day a year. You know when it is, so you can plan it in from january the first each year.

    For me it's a genuine chance to remember members of my own family as well as guy's who didn't make it home from my war. It's a privilege to be there on the day. I challenge anyone who really believes in it to not be moved by the day and it's simple ceremonies. LONG MAY IT CONTINUE!
  17. I thought that most CO's make it compulsary.

    It is usually one of the times that you can get to meet people who have not been about.

    Our Unit makes it so and we all have to attend and i have not missed one in about 12 years.
  18. I trust this BR is not "RESTRICTED"? Having not read/seen it I don't know.
  19. BR 60A (Royal Naval Reserve Administrative Instructions) is most definitely unclassified.
    Perhaps you should read it some time? Most of it was even up to date when it was last re-written (2005).
  20. Personally I think the only legit excuses for not turning up are births/deaths etc or if you actually have to work when the parade is on. When I was in the ATC I attended every Battle of Britian and Rememberance parade, its only a few hours a year. Its really embarrasing when more cadets attend these parades than reservists.


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