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Each year ARRSE runs a series of auctions for items which you won't find in your local shop and the proceeds go towards the ARRSE in-house charity Holidays for Heroes.

Hols for Heroes aims to get families of servicemen and women away for a break at the time they need it most using a holiday chalet owned by a member in Spain. Not sure of the complete details but a huge amount of work is done by the guys helping people get on their feet and to take some of the weight off their shoulders at the time they need it most.

The auctions forum can be found here : Remembrance - Auctions forum

Some of the items on the go are:

A raffle for a week in Spain

"The Mess Webley" - deactivated Webley pistol - framed.

Far East silk escape map

Shot glasses and tray made from empty brass cartridge cases.

Many more items are up for auction and all auctions run until 10am Sunday 11 November. You may have to log in to ARRSE to bid, but that is no great task.
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