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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by wunt_be_druv, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a copy of a Channel 4 film entitled Remembrance?
    It was made in 1982 and was about a small ships company on the p!ss in Plymouth the night before deployment?
    Does anyone even remember it...or did I dream it?
    Many thanks.
  2. Stirling.

    Yes mate that's the one.
    Tried all the usual sources, ebay, Amazon, etc.
    Haven't seen the film for about 20 years and it's probably a load of sh!te, but it'd be nice to see it again.
  3. I was on the platform at North Road station when they filmed the bit when someone's missus was going away - did I get a mention in the credits ? "Mr and Mrs LSA Dirty" - couple on platform. Did I fcuk - good little programme though - one or two familiar places down the Strasse.
  4. If I ever find a copy I'll let you know.
  5. i remember this film very well i was an extra in it !! ahh memories, i use to be a barmaid in the Two Tree back then happy memories of the whole place , reason i found this post is because i was looking for a copy of the film to buy but unfortunately it was made for tv only and never released as a film to buy, unles someone has it stored away on video that the taped from the tv then there is no chance of ever getting hold of it, about 10 yrs ago i contacted C4 about the film and was told back then that i couldnt get this sorry anyone who is looking for it there is no chance shame as i remember it well x
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Barmaid down the two twigs... much respect to you. Good times where had in the two twigs. :)
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  7. Me n my oppo, Gus Murray, used to work in the twigs in the 90's. Gus had left the mob by then but I was still in. We worked for Yorkie. Top guy! I have to say when you work down the strip as well as being a matlot, lots of opportunites for fun arise:downtown:
  8. Vera and Bernie were the landlord when i was there , think it was 83 when it was taken over by some one else cant remember who , but they wanted new staff and didnt want to keep any of us on, think it was Yorkie, the name it rings a bell, that took over from Bernie and Vera , i worked in the twigs for 2 1/2 to 3 yrs loved it, was gutted when it was taken over then all changed round, two bars made into one wasnt the same after that,........ was down in Plymouth last year and saw that it now has one door at the front instead of the two :sad7: ahhh well cant expect everything to stay the same, dont think theres a long bar now in the prince regent if its still there , the tube had gone so had boobs, there were to pubs i recognised still there by the octagon, no diamond lil's thou lol cant recall seeing it the phoenix was still there either, but it was 30yrs ago !!! worked there when everyone left for the Falklands place was a ghost town .............Memories x
  9. I'm still looking for this film, and found this post, seems like it's impossible to see it again...anyway, can anyone give any advice for how to get hold of this film, after all those years...? Thanks!
  10. Hi all,

    Regarding the film Remembrance (1982). As far as I'm aware it has never been made commercially available anywhere on the planet on either DVD or VHS format. However you may be interested to see the page that I just created for the film that feature screen-captures from the movie.

    It is on the Reel Streets website, which is a site dedicated to film location comparisons from how they look in the film and how they look today (so a 'then' shot and a 'now' shot).

    Each image has a red boarder around it and then when they get a recent shot of the same location, they add it to the site. The idea being that you can then move your mouse cursor over the image from the film (the 'then' shot) and it will change to the recent image of the same location (the 'now' shot). The image with a recent 'now' shot have black boarders around them.

    I created the Remembrance page as I thought many people on forums like this would be interested in seeing images from it. There are 5 pages for the film:

    Remembrance page 1:

    Remembrance page 2:

    Remembrance page 3:

    Remembrance page 4:

    Remembrance page 5:
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  11. Just wanted to say that I was on the Hecla (guzz based) when this was being filmed in 1981 and I remember the buzz going around that a new TV channel (Ch 4 hadn't yet been launched) was making a feature-film with an RN-backdrop and they might want pucka matelots to act as extras in certain scenes. Needless to say, I never got the call......just think, I could have gone to Hollywood instead of Gary Oldman........ok, perhaps not.
    From the Hecla I went to Northwood, and the Falklands kicked-off. I remember there being some umming-and-aahhing at the time about whether they should show this film or not, because the families of those deployed in the Task Group were already worried enough about what was going on in the south Atlantic.
    I've been on the Ch 4 website, Film4's, IMDB, you name it, but still can't find an exact date of the first broadcast. All I can find out is that it was filmed in 1981 and released in 1982.
    I remember watching it (gathered around with a group of curious matelots & jennies) at Northwood when it was eventually broadcast, but I can't place the actual date.
    I'm gonna be blindingly honest here and say that I thought that the film was a total feed of sh1t, but there again so did every matelot that I knew that had seen it, to a man. If the production company had taken the trouble to use some ex-matelots in the film, and had 2 or 3 naval advisors, it would've been much nearer the mark, and therefore been much more effective as a conduit for an RN story. I gave it 2 of out 10 at the time (mainly for the location filming and Ch 4 being bothered to make a film about matelots) and I can't imagine that seeing it again will change my opinion one bit.
    As for trying to watch it again, forget it. Ch 4 have no plans to broadcast it (I called them) it looks like it'll sit in the vaults for a few years yet. Shame.
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  12. For anyone interested in seeing Remembrance, this coming November the University of Plymouth will be screening the film.

    It is on at 7pm November 6th 2017 and tickets are available to all:

    This should also be shown from a newly completed digital scan of the original print and so should be looking as good as it did on the original release. For many people connected with the Navy, the film and the area, it will be the first opportunity to see this movie in the city that it was set and shot!
  13. IMG_0148.JPG Feeling a little sorry for you guys who would desperately love to see this film again. I have it on DVD and believe I might be the only person that has, it came out of the back door of channel 4 a while back. According to channel 4 it will never be shown again and has never been aired since its first showing in 1982. In the film there is a lovely early morning scene, matlot arriving in an Escort mk 1 at Wearde Quay, near Saltash, stands looking down the trot at HMS Forth (submarine depot ship A187) and HMS Salisbury (F32). Both awaiting disposal, as was the submarine Narwhal which was a bit further down river. In the film, two actors rowed a boat out to the sub, climbed aboard, sat and had a heart to heart about their private lives. Maybe all get round for a cuppa and I will play it for you !
  14. Be generous , burn a copy and make it available on here , it will only cost you P&P , first response passes it on to second and so on , only costing P&P to each.
  15. I was the only person up to a few months ago who owned 'The sailors jail.' dvd....RN DQ's as I bought it from Granada at great expense with a proviso not to publish it online etc. I was allowed to make a copy and lend it out, which I did. The guy I lent it to put it on youtube after me explaining to him. I don't expect a knock on my door but I am disappointed in the guy.
    Having said that I'd like to watch 'Remembrance.'
  16. I would go down the 'burn a copy' route but I know an easier way. Go on google, type in - Screenocean Ltd. - Footage & content gallery - FOCAL International. This company holds the Channel 4 television archive. 124 HORSEBERRY RD, LONDON, SW1P 2TX. Select contacts, you will need Paul McAllister. His phone number and email are there. Ask very nicely, stating you have great interest in this film and are desperate to see it ,knowing Channel4 have stated they will never screen it again. He should send you a free copy, also free postage. My first day on here and I want all the other members above to hopefully read this, as It looks like they gave up the search some years back. Please come back on and say if successful in obtaining your DVD. Enjoy.
  17. Will do. Many thanks.
  18. FYI

    FYI Midshipman

    For anyone still interested in seeing this film, it's being re-broadcast on the Film4 channel on TV/Sky, this coming Tuesday, 9th Jan 2018 at 23:30.

    The long wait is finally over...

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