'Remembrance' 1982 film screening in Plymouth Nov 2017


I mentioned this on another thread but for anyone interested in seeing 'Remembrance', this coming November the University of Plymouth will be screening the film.

It was actor Gary Oldman's 1st film role and is about a group of Devonport-based Royal Navy ratings who, due to sail to America for a six-month NATO exercise, go out on the town on their last night in port, hitting Plymouth's notorious Union Street district, with violent results.

It is on at 7pm November 6th 2017 and tickets are available to all:


This should also be shown from a newly completed digital scan of the original film print and so should be looking as good as it did on the original release. For many people connected with the Navy, the film and the area, it will be the first opportunity to see this movie in the city that it was set and shot!


War Hero
Naaaaah I'll give it a miss thanks. Actors playing Jack on a run ashore, naaaaaah, not a clue unless they have actually served. Being paid by Her Majesty to be a sailor is a far more respected and honest profession than being some two bob loser who will never make the grade, playing the part of someone who has made the grade. Ummm, "Walt" is what we call it methinks.

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