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Had a look at the “Navy News on line†tonight re: Navy News Jan 08 issue
– “Remembering the forgotten destroyer†– HMS Glamorgan

I remember the Glamorgan from ’82, she sailed past us (Hermes) on her way home, she had just finished “tidying up†after being hit by an Exocet, it was one of the most emotional episodes in my life. We (Hermes ships company) had fire hoses out and were chucking spuds, apples and anything else that wasn’t tied down. To see the damage up close was very sobering as we all new we had had considerable protection. I am sure it was the chefs mess and the hanger that took the brunt of the casualties/damage to all those who never came home. May you all rest in peace.
she should never have been forgotten Richie has she was a extremely Brave ship,she was part of the three musketeers the surface action group Arrow Alacrity,and Glamorgan all three where bounced by mirages on May the first firing off Stanley its a Destroyer in my Heart has my two WAFU mates where killed i think the exocet hit the hanger galley area but i dont know the lay out of a County class but yet rest in peace
She went past us (Invincible)on her way home, the hole in her side was about where the flight deck and ship side came together. It was our understanding at the time that the missile exploded in the galley/dining room area and the steel platters skimmed around like shrapnel, and the fireball went up through the hangar.
Like you Richie,"it was one of the most emotional episodes in my life." We lined the Flight Deck and all weather decks to give them a cheer, many tears were spilt that day. God rest their souls.


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If I remember rightly the Hangar off Norfolk (I think) was grafted back onto Glamorgan when she got home.

The thing I was never able to understand was that we all knew there were trailer mounted exocet shoreside & we all had a big "NO-GO" arc on the charts because of them. Yet after NGS, Glamorgan took a short-cut to be in place on time and was tragically hit.

Needless to say, the rest is very sad history, and there was many a brave deed in the aftermath by her brave crew, but was there ever an enquiry I wonder?
you are right Ninja there was an arc,she went into it several times despite the advice of our junior Captains ,i cant talk about the Falklands as ive been reprimanded by Seargentperred ..............
i watched her sea slug fire
we never wanted to die we just had an expectation we would RIP Mark Henderson, Brian Hinge, serving in a ship along side the Glamorgan is my proudest moment in life
Some remarkable work was carried out by NP 1810, Stena Seaspread, and I am proud to say that I was a small part of that. An old FART [ Fleet Action Repair Team ] now :thumright:
i agree with you 21 man you where a brilliant Party we moored off the Bedspread and thankfully you could not repair our gun ,so the fridge door fell off and it was back to being Jack on our way to guzz but many thanks for being there greatly apprieciated


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Beenzontoste said:
Ninja_Stoker said:
If I remember rightly the Hangar off Norfolk (I think) was grafted back onto Glamorgan when she got home.

It couldn't have been the hangar off the Norfolk, the Norfolk was sold to the Chileans in 1981.
Cheers Beenzontoste, it must've been one of the other remaining GMDs - I wonder if it was perhaps London or Kent?

Welcome to rum ration BTW! You're not a Chef perchance?

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