Rememberence Parade Espana

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My self and Jacque-le-douste at yesterdays Rememberence
Parade in Torrevieja, Spain.

Yes on a Saturday I am not sure why.

Edit. Looking closer at the picture the guy on the right with his head lowered and us two are the only known submariners
in the area. Anyone else out here give us a PM.


In La Coruna the grave of John Moore is always decorated with fresh flowers.
A place well worth visiting the locals are to this day extremely pro british, and great rebels.
Good for you mate!
Sorry to drift off thread Nutty,but do you live near Huelva?The reason I ask is that is where Major William Martin, R.M,The Man who never was,is buried.I wonder if anybody puts flowers on the grave?
I have just looked on Google maps and you live over 600k away.If you ever venture over there please try and find him.He is buried here:
La tumba es la número 14 del llamado sector "San Marcos" del cementerio de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, en Huelva.

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