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Rememberance - where will you be

Portsmouth Guildhall, helping to lay the wreaths of the marchers. And no doubt having a flirt with the vets and thinking of my Dad with his new Arctic Convoy medal at his parade in Plymouth.
Normaly location dependent either Plymouth Hoe or the Kanchanaburi war cemetary. However this year I will be messing around in 1350m water depth in the South china Sea...... bah humbug.
Part of the submariners platoon at the Cenotaph, London.

If there are any submariners or ex who wish to march as part of this platoon, I can give you a contact e-mail of whom to contact reference obtaining tickets for entry to the form up on Horseguards Parade. (No ticket - no entry - for security purposes.)
trehorn said:
fishmiester said:
I am hoping to lead the Ships platoon in Leeds on Sun 12 Nov

Would that be RN (Ark Royal) or RNR (Ceres Division)?

Given that I am on 20,000 tonnes of her majesties finest somewhere off Newcastle on sea trials I am guessing that the latter option has just been eliminated :wink:
If I am not at work, I will probably be at home paying my own private respects to all. Nearly lost my job a few years ago because of some goby young civvy sprogs thought it would be funny to wind the `old man up` might go to the Hoe even.
Cenotaph, London marching with the Aircraft Handlers Association. If you are ex Service, or Auxillary, then I would recommend that you march here at least once in your life. This is where the populace lets you know how much you are appreciated. It's a very moving experience.

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