Rememberance Service at the Royal Marines Museum

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by finknottle, Nov 8, 2009.

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    I was in the fortunate position today to be able to attend the Rememberance Service at the old Royal Marines Barracks in Eastney. There was a good turnout and the rain held off until the service was complete. The saddest part for the wife and I and I am sure for everyone else was when Lt Col A Lock RM read out the long list of names of all the Royal Marines who made the ultimate sacrifice during the last year.

    "We Will Remember Them"
  2. Was there as well, and totally agree..though I seemed to be in the spot where it WAS raining lol
  3. alba58, of course you are correct I should have said rain of any significance. :)
  4. The Defenestration of Eastney :salute:

    Dad took me to Eastney when I was a kid to see 43 Commando disbanding. We were just leaving the main-gate when a Royal Marine in blues and honkey-tonks, wearing a maroon and gold lanyard came out of the Eastney Cafe which was right opposite the main-gate.

    It was a defining moment in my life and one of the most impressive sights I have ever seen - not the uniform but the fact that he arrived on the pavement via the unopened window in showers of glass and flapping curtains.

    I never knew what he had said or done to piss off his oppo's but I was so impressed that all I wanted to be from then on was a Bootie.

  5. Eastney the dreaded early morning bugle call, met an old mate who was in 41 Commando on a driving course at Eastney, next time we met he was pushing me into a hedge with his vehicle at a cloggie base with a big grin on his face. That was forty years ago feels like it was yesterday.
  6. Bergen, great story was he a Recruiting Sergeant?

    I am pleased that the phots have brought memories flooding back.
  7. I have a couple more pics but can't work out how to upload them!

    Glad you agreed about the rain...began to think I was in the wrong place! Or hallucinating!
    Was a very moving service, hearing the names read out makes it even more real.

    My dad was a Marine and I was very proud to be allowed to be there. There's no-one like a Marine! :D
  8. Put them in the photo gallery they will be lost if you post them on here
  9. Finks - just don't post any photographs of Girdwood Park. I was attached to 39th Infantillery Brigade and was bimbling along minding my own business when 40 Commando had their infamous negligent discharge of an 84mm TPTP inside a building 50 meters away. It was a flooding of something other than memories that created the need for a rapid change of drawers that day. :roll:


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