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Remember the Olvers ?


War Hero
Remember the charming family from Swilly who set their kids on each other and filmed it ?
One of them has just appeared in court in Guzz for missing 5 of her of her supervised community service in November and December, albeit with a forged sick note. The judge warned her that she undoubtedly faced psison, especially as the Probation Service strongly suspected she had deleted and overwritten the date on a medical note used to justify her absence from unpaid work. He said "if the orders of the court can be thwarted by a forged medical certificate, this is a very serious matter which should be investigated by the police and CPS".
Adjourning the case until January 10th, the Judge warned her that she could face imprisonment and advised her to see a solicitor as soon as possible.
Well done Judge - at last a beak who has the sense to see what a waste of space this clan are, and is prepared to put them where they belong - off the streets.


War Hero
The Swilly.........that name conjurs up memories. Most of them to do with violence and crooks!
Didn't they change the name to North Prospect or something?


War Hero
They changed it to North Prospect in the 50s because "Swilly" had bad connotations and rather a bad rep. It's still Swilly to me,and always will be - change of name doesn't alter the people or the [email protected]$%hole it is. Once heard it said "Guzz is a carbuncle on the arsehole of humanity and Swilly is 5 miles up it."
(Sorry about posting this in the wrong forum, for once the fingers were in front of the brain)
What have you lot done to the weather. The sun is shinging in Brighton makes feel like being at home if I was not freezing my bollocks orft.

Luv and Hugs to all


NUTTY AND Chrissie
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