Good evening all.

I am currently serving in the Army as a Corporal Class 1 Tech Elec. I have served just shy of nine and a half years. I was hoping to promote this year but due to the 20/20 Army restructuring I am very doubtful on this now.

I am looking into a transfer to the Royal Navy as a WE.

I was hoping people would be able to give me details on this job as well as any details on the transfer. Ie where would I slot in etc.

I am wanting as much info as I can get before I go to my OC as we don't have a RCMO here.

Hi buddy, i have just done my medical etc, all done and hopefully come march i transfer over. Has made it a little harder with me being in BATUS as PS. Important part is to get BMI under 28. i was 31.3 but got to 26.1 in 8 weeks so no dramas, had to stop weight training etc. That was my biggest worry. The rest is pretty simple and the Careers offices and Naval Recruiting peeps are very helpful. This site has offered alot of insight as well. If you want more info etc look for me on DII email, Smalley Christopher (BATUS)
Thanks for the replies. My paperwork is signed off by my CO and on the way to Glasgow, I have also been in touch with the Navy recruiters and sent my CV etc. I will send an email on Monday for some more info on the next stages of the process. I was told 10 REME Sgts currently in different stages of the transfer process!
When did you apply and how long until your medical? Oh and did you need to go for an interview?
Hi Mate,

Took 9 weeks for my offer to come back as it has to go thru APC, i would be ready to send 3 sjars and any quals you had as i had to email mine over (even though they are on JPA). I had my medical and Interview during xmas leave. All simple stuff, as i say my biggest worry was the bmi but smashed that so all good. Once that is done they ask for proof of Security Clearance and Indate PFA. The interview is pretty simple, some basic questions and a few questions about why i want to transfer and what my ambitions are.

Yeah just give me bell in the week and i will be happy to answer any questions.


War Hero
I worked on a Tri service unit at Boscombe Down, REME RAF and RN.
Found REME sgts had great technical knowledge.
You may however need to get some practice in at Pissing UP!:D:D:D
Have you looked at direct entry petty officer marine engineer. Send your CV TO CDR Parry and discuss with him. He is the project manager for this new recruitment process. CDR Parry can be found on global address list. Also look on main RN website for DEPOET(ME)
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