Remains of a Sunken U-Boat found in Canadian River


The possibility of a sunken U-Boat resting on the bottom of the Churchill River in Labrador over 100 kms from the ocean has the finders wanting to return to confirm their discovery. The Churchill River is located near to Goose Bay which was an important US airbase during the Second World War and is still in use today.

Apparently there are over a dozen U-Boats still unaccounted for from the War.

CBC News: An important piece of history from the Second World War may be sitting in a river in Labrador.

Searchers believe they've found a German U-boat buried in the sand on the bottom of the Churchill River.
The discovery has yet to be authenticated.

Two years ago, searchers scoured the bottom of the Churchill River with side-scanning sonar. They were looking for three men lost over Muskrat Falls.

When they reviewed the footage from that search, they made an unexpected discovery.
See the full article here: German U-boat may be at bottom of Labrador river - *News - MSN CA


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No doubt his researchers etc have covered all these likely wrecks, used to like his books, now they seem to be co-written and don't quite have the same enjoyment.
Not being a submariner I wouldn't know but, if this is a U-Boat that sank in a river presumably not involved in any hostile action (there would be a record of the engagement) You'd of thought there would have been a few survivors that could have made it to the river bank or at least some wreckage or bodies.


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All things are possible Blobs, if it is a boat she could have been run down by a merch. It's happened to a few of ours in the past.


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Not impossible that, if the thing is a U-boat, that it skived off to its present site at the surrender in 1945 and the bods scattered and did a runner arranging first for it to sink. After all one U-977 made it to Argentina. But diving will give us the real answer.


On the back of his book sales Cussler's team located the long lost Confederate 'fish boat', HL HUNLEY*, lying in the silt off Charleston SC since 1863. This 8-man hand cranked submersible was the first ever s/m to sink a surface vessel in combat.




In 2000 the HUNLEY was carefully raised and now she and her artefacts are (still) under foresic-style archealogical investigations at what was the US Naval Base at Charleston.

Much respect: for him and his NUMA ilk - but particularly for all those submariners lost at sea.

Resurgam; and to quote our US S/M opposite Nos.

..for 'tis the brotherhood of the 'fins...'

*Friends of the Hunley

H. L. Hunley (submarine) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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