REM(A) trade badge from 70s

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Think_or_Thwim, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. Guys, Need someone to dig out an REMs badge for me so I can have a decent avatar! Was at Portland 79 to 81 and proud to be a JREM(A) and then rated, yes rated REM!! Cheers in advance, as I've been on loads of sites and asked shipmates but no one seems to have it!

    Still serving and like to show off my AR Flashes in my emails at work!
  2. Not sure if this is even close to what you are looking for, but anyway...

  3. Sorry none of those fishead badges :cry: He is looking for an AR in the middle of crossed lightning :p
  4. Oooh, some of those are damn close, but fishhead badges!!

    AL, instead of L on the centre of those lightning flashes was a WAFU greenie. Want AR instead of R, indication a WAFU (Pinkie) inside them flashes.

    Thanks shippers though, much appreciated.
  5. SLIM Has got one with a crown on top.... I only had one with a star on top and bottom, before selling my birth rites to go.... SAR/ AIMER aircrewman :lol:
  6. Selling your birthright AND giving up bridge and having to take up uckers!!!!
  7. I did have but it went with the uniform to a local drama group (don't know who they found fat enoughto wera it.
    I do have one with two stars on that I removed from my jacket once I became a scale A P.O.
    If Think_or_Swim wants to pm me with his address i'll pop it in the post to him :p
  8. Spot on mate, I'll scan it in! Its the REM and flashes thats important. or email me at [email protected].
    Thanks shippers

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