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Discussion in 'UPO' started by danny, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. Im sure when I went on draft last time I was given a weeks relocation leave (which was apparently a new thing for people living onboard) but other people who came on course with me said they didn't.
    Did I imagine this? Or did this really start this year.

    Please to the old and bold i don't need 32 replies of how it wasn't like that back in your day but thank you all the same.

  2. We didn't get this in the old days^^;

    Wish we had though, there are some things in the new RN that are a definite improvement on the old:happy2:
  3. I wouldn't be so interested in leave if my job involved spending a lot of time in Singapore and Hong Kong so it works both ways ;)
  4. What he said. And good luck to you.

  5. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    BR3 is your friend. At the discretion of CO and CM etc
  6. I'm pretty sure the main regs for relocation leave are in the JSP 760? The RNTM published (Quite early this year, I forget which) says it's down to your career manager to liaise with the line manager of both the gaining and losing unit to ensure that they are both happy for this to happen.
    In this instance, I do strongly recommend that you chat with both line managers to ensure that this conversation or email has happened. I won't go into the reasons why, but this is one occasion whenever a member of the white mafia says "trust me", it's highly recommended to take this course of action.
  7. Ok thanks for the replays. In my last job it was just simple everyone in the unit just got it. RM units seem to work far far easier than RN ones, much more common sense applied do we need you in that last week does your new unit need you for that week if not have it.
    Will have to wait out and see then.
  8. No, don't wait and see.

    Get your line manager to speak to drafty (or career manager - whatever) to get it arranged. The RN is all about "Self Service", which means having to hunt the relevant person down if you have to.

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