Relocation Leave - If you are being assigned you may want to read.

Discussion in 'UPO' started by SEP86, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. I had never heard of it, but just found out that, in simple terms, if you have to move home for an assignment you are entitled to additional leave.

    JSP 760 Ch 8.

    Worth a read.

    My question would be 'how was I supposed to know it had been introduced?' Answers below would be interesting.

    Edited to 760 as correctly pointed out below.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2011
  2. You'll get the usual "it was on a signal", "it's been in DIN's for ages" etc etc which is UPO speak for "we never publicised it so no-one would slap in for it apart from ourselves and our oppo's"

    Cynic! moi!
  3. Signal possibly, but being a DIN and RNTM spotter I would be surprised - could be wrong though.
  4. It's been around for donkey's years, before the introduction of JSPs. It was stuffed away in one of the BRs in an obscure paragraph after it was released on a DCI.

    Thing is, it's one of those lesser known absences that doesn't really get covered but usually applies more to the Army and RAF as they usually relocate in those circumstances.

    Also don't you also mean JSP 760? Before people start looking in the wrong place that is.
  5. It's a dodgy one! We used to get trainees claiming for it going from one phase to another and were literally moving up th corridor - none the less it was their entitlement - rightly so. It needs to be ( I get this muddled up everytime ) accepted/granted by your leaving unit prior to your joining date on your draft order - hope that helps!!
  6. 'Rightly so'?

    You sure you're not confusing this with Disturbance Allowance?
  7. No I am not! They were finishing one course and starting another. Disturbance allowance is money and relocation leave is leave so both very different they weren't moving accommodation they were moving phases in training so RIGHTLY SO were given relocation leave as per the JSP!
  8. It's in JSP 752 I think
  9. From Defence Intranet:

    JSP 760 – Tri-Service Regulations for Leave and Other Types of Absences
    Chapter 8 - Relocation Leave.

    Disturbance Allowance, however, is definitely in the JSP 752 ;)
  10. How would you know?

    A fair question I of the answers could be...

    "Ignorance is not an excuse". It's probably up to the individual to read every single JSP on the plane and commit the entire lot to memory...I suppose if one were to read the entry on disturbance allowance, there might be a reference to other places for info of a similar nature...maybe?
  11. Chill out wench.

    The way it was phrased appeared that you thought it was morally 'right' that they have yet more leave thrown at them
  12. You are right - thank you - I have edited the original.
  13. perhaps if you just stated that instead,and it's not just 'them' that are entitled to it
  14. Not a problem, reading JSP's I can do. Actually doing work is another thing entirely!
  15. 'Wench', 'uneducated thug', I'll call you whatever you want hotlips.
  16. Seem to remember getting relocation leave in '83 when moving to Gib ... got extra leave to pack up MQ into crates and shift family to MQ out there.

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