Relocation into SFA, any expense help??

Firstly let me apologise if this post is already in existence, I have had a look but can not find anything similar.

I am soon to be drafted into Faslane and will be getting married before I do. What I would like to know is if there is any help from the Navy expense wise or removal wise to help personnel move into SFA, disturbance allowance and other items within JSP752 seem ambiguous as to whether I would qualify or not.

Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.

Further info: would be first married home, assignment is preference area, I would hold the rank of CPO at the time of move, it would be a move from private accommodation in our home town to SFA at my duty port a distance of 426 miles.


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You might dip in here, depending upon the date of your marriage. If you marry prior to being assigned then your first marital home could be where you are now. Your move to Faslane will be on assignment and not setting up first marital home therfore you could then potentially be entitled to a move by the contractor. I will caveat this comment - I have not consulted JSP prior to commenting however DA and movement of effects is a particular area in which I have been in recently for a couple of my blokes.

You need to get yourself into JSP 752, don't assume that the person in the UPO is fully up on the rules. If you can find the paragraph which says you are entitled then you are forearmed, you can then put the onus on the UPO to find the paragraph which says you are not.

Regarding UPO - this should be getting dealt with by your current UPO rather than your new one in Faslane, you want this all squared away before you move.

Just my interpretation, Stix is probably right because he's a loggie so will know the JSPs word for word!! You need to convince the white mafia who don't like parting with the cash because as we all know it comes straight from their own pockets!!

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